One Year In

On this day in 2020 my wonderful wife and I moved into our Arizona home. In some ways, it’s difficult to comprehend it’s been an entire year, but in other ways it actually seems longer.

To be honest, this has not been a good year in many respects, both globally and “locally.” (Where would I be if I didn’t use quotation marks?!)

I have often written my wishes for a better year ahead; I guess I’m still wishing. However, the current weather and these views are hard to beat.



These are also a welcome sight:



Utz makes the best potato chips anywhere, period. In 2001, Consumer Reports conducted a nationwide taste test of potato chips and Utz was named the winner.

I grew up eating these and was quite sad I could no longer partake when I moved to California. Utz were not available in Texas, either, especially not where we lived in Plano as that is the world headquarters of Frito-Lay. In my opinion, said giant company didn’t want the competition in their backyard and figured out a way to keep Utz out of the local market. Anyway…we now have the Internet and in the year we’ve been here we’ve ordered Utz two or three times online.

Imagine my glee, then, when my wonderful wife returned yesterday with the bag of Sour Cream & Onion chips pictured above as well as the picture below from the nearest Bashas grocery store. Of course–and as my wife has pointed out–we no doubt have many transplants from the East Coast living here and we want our Utz. Oh, that is a replica Café Nervosa mug in the top chip photo. Café Nervosa was the name of the fictional coffee shop in which much of the activity occurred in my favorite sitcom ever, Frasier.


Sorry, no cars today.





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