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Apparently, Aaron Rodgers has no clue when to just shut up. Hope the Broncos’ fans, or wherever he is playing next year, don’t get tired of his shtick. This Packers fan is definitely sick of his act.


For your review or not, some posts from Why Evolution Is True:


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My wonderful wife could not wake up in time for us to realistically attend the local “Scuderia” car show, which has resumed being held the first Saturday of the month after a damn virus hiatus. Instead, we went to the Penske complex after breakfast. I have written about this “venue” many times; virtually every luxury make of car is sold there and it is the home of the Penske racing museum.

Today, the Lamborghini club of America was holding an event there. Incredibly, I neglected to take any pictures of any Lamborghinis. Here are some I did take:



This 2018 Jaguar F-Type convertible was the only one in stock, new or used, at the Jaguar/Land Rover dealer. This dealership has a grand total of three new cars in inventory at present! The damn virus is real, but so are lazy people.

Going on a tangent…former FDA commissioner and current Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb (“Love of God” in German?) believes the damn virus pandemic could be over in the US by January. The same company announced its damn virus pill, used in conjunction with an HIV drug, cuts the risk of hospitalization or death by 89%. Therapeutics must be part of the arsenal along with vaccines.

Back to the car pics:



This 2019 Ford GT has 42 miles on it; yep, 4-2. I think these cars were around a half million when new; the dealer is asking $1.4 million.



I assume this is a real BMW M1 and, if so, is the first one I’ve ever seen in person. Only about 450 were produced from 1978 to 1981.


Hope you enjoyed the show…






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10 thoughts on “Pictures For A Saturday

  1. When Ravens fans complained about Joe Flacco I would say, apparently you forgot how life was with Vinny Testeverde, Stoney Case, Scott Mitchell, Elvis and Kyle Boller. All Packers fans need to prepare for life without a HOF QB. Because without one you will experience what life has been like for all these years and all these QBs for Bears fans.


  2. Nice collection of car photos! I am looking forward to our trip south in about 8 days. I am back on my regular schedule, so you’ll have to endure my endless inane comments again.


  3. My University of Arizona Wildcats football team broke their 20 game losing streak by beating the California Golden Bears in Tucson yesterday. California has not won in Tucson for many years. Why do I bring this up, because the last time the Bears won in Tucson, Aaron Rodgers was their quarterback. Everyone should know that Danica Patrick was wise to dump Aaron.


    1. Congrats to your Wildcats. The Division I team with the longest losing streak in history also has the nickname Wildcats: Northwestern University’s football team, which lost 34 consecutive games from 1979 to 1982.


      1. I remember the Northwestern losing streak and cheered and watched them break the streak. I always root for the underdog team, except when it come to that other school down the road from you, the Tempe Normal Bulldogs. Last weekend was tough as to who to root against, ASU or USC when they played each other. I enjoy high school and college football but not that professional league. Prejudiced, me?


  4. I’m disappointed in Rodgers given all the drama this year. I kinda lost track of the trade request stuff, and the vax stuff I wasn’t really expecting. I never really was one to root for any particular player. I have my teams, and I like players on those teams, but I almost never actively pulled for anyone who had left (I didn’t particularly wish them ill, except maybe when Favre went to Minnesota). So as long as 12 is under centre in GB, I cheer for him as a means to the Packers’ success.
    It’s far too early to worry about Jordan Love. I mean, he certainly didn’t look good, but given he’s behind a HOF QB and likely hadn’t seen much in the way of practice as the named starter, it’ll take a little bit to determine whether he’ll be an NFL regular.


    1. Unlike you, I can no longer cheer for Rodgers and can’t wait until he is traded in the off-season. Yes, it almost certainly means the end of the long reign of the Packers as a Super Bowl contender, but football is just a game and Rodgers has shown himself to be a most unlikable person.

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