Monday Musings 84

Do you like my numbering of the Monday Musings posts? As the post number increases, the number of views seems to decline. Sometimes, I just can’t think of a more clever post title.


From Why Evolution Is True a post that should make almost everyone’s blood boil: the American Medical Association is going full “woke.” From Jesse Singal:


“The American Medical Association has just released “Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative and Concepts,” a strange document that calls for doctors to insert progressive politics into even plain statements of fact.”


The only solution is dissolution.


Pictures I took yesterday at the weekly car show in Fountain Hills did not turn out as well as I had hoped. I had to take many of them into the sun and did not get a good view of the lake. Nevertheless:



As for the actual cars, I didn’t take that many photos. I really long for an event where I see more cars like this one we saw on Saturday:



This Rambler American at Fountain Hills “spoke” to me:



These three cars appealed to me as well:



Sorry the Buick on the left got chopped. Again, the acute sun angle made photography difficult. Maybe JS or Mark can give me some suggestions.


I was sure I had more to write this morning, but I apparently do not. We’ll see about tomorrow.







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6 thoughts on “Monday Musings 84

  1. Having practiced medicine for 36 years I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Jesse Singal. Medicine has traditionally been “unwoke.” There is a famous study that revealed that African American PHYSICIANS were less likely to get standard of care treatments-like stents-than white physicians. In the “City that Reads” aka Baltimore, endocrinologists at Johns Hopkins Hospital were unlikely to prescribe SGLT2is which improve outcomes in heart failure and kidney disease because they considered the drugs “too expensive” for “their population” despite Medicaid paying for the drugs and pharmaceutical companies providing coupons to patients with commercial insurance.
    There are many instances of “Woke culture gone wrong.” This is not one of them.


    1. Thanks for sharing, Doc.

      However, I would still change doctors if one of them tried to indoctrinate me into any ideology. My wonderful wife once saw a specialist who basically told her she had to believe in God. My wife will never go back to that doctor.


  2. Sometimes, you are stuck with what you’re stuck with. I’d think a wider angle/moving further back would have been about all you could do. That said, nice trio of A-bodies!


      1. Alternatively, there are hoods that have been developed for cell phone cameras. I believe there’s different systems – some work by shielding the rear camera, others work with the front-facing camera. It’s the same principal as hoods used with DSLRs and other cameras where it’s limiting the light shining in from above.
        Now, they do seem to be somewhat bulky. That’s because in most cases they need to attach to the phone somehow, so there’s clamps or the apparatus kind of surrounds the whole body of the phone. There does appear to be a number of different types though, some searching through Amazon may yield a viable option.


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