That Was Fast, Too Fast

One year ago today my wonderful wife and I flew to Arizona to begin our life as Arizonans. Yes, we flew here last Halloween although we didn’t move into our house until November 8th. Given recent events that swift passage of time has become even more stark.

Of course, the old saying is “Time flies when you’re having fun.” I think time flies whether you’re having fun or not, especially after the age of 50.

Speaking of Halloween, my wonderful wife texted one of our neighbors to ask how many visitors we could expect. The answer: between 150 and 200! In the ten-plus years in our beautiful house in the mid-Atlantic we didn’t receive that many “trick-or-treaters.”

Once again, physically I was raised in the US, but culturally I was not. My mother, a Holocaust survivor, was not a big fan of Halloween. I only went trick-or-treating once or twice in my childhood. I will throw in the obligatory self-deprecating remark that I did not need a costume.


My wonderful wife and I attended the weekly Pavilions Rock & Roll Car Show yesterday. It is the longest running event of its kind in the United States.

This was the third time we have attended, but the first time where the turnout was decent. Amidst the Corvettes, Mustangs and Tri-Five Chevys, here was a car that really grabbed my attention:



This is a beautifully restored 1937 Packard Super Eight. More interesting than the car is the man who owns it. (Yes, that’s a play on the famous Packard marketing slogan.)

Dennis, I’ll avoid revealing his last name, was nominally a plumber by trade. However, he became involved in real estate and eventually was very successful. In a prime example of why I favor charity and philanthropy over government coercion and theft, Dennis gave back in a big way to his native Alaska. He spent $30 million of his own money to build three charitable endeavors, among them a food bank and women’s shelter.

Oh, the ’37 Packard is just one of Dennis’ 50 cars! A man after my own heart…he graciously extended an invitation to my wonderful wife and me to see his collection and we will take him up on it.

Here are some more photos from the show:



Not all of the interesting cars were “in” the show:







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8 thoughts on “That Was Fast, Too Fast

  1. “I think time flies whether you’re having fun or not”

    I think someone has put a supercharger on the clock sometime in the last few years. Here on my 65th trip around the sun, things should be slowing up, but it seems they are accelerating. I have started to reassess my priorities, and have come to the conclusion that I’m getting tired of certain parts of my professional life. After this last month and a half of near constant travel, I’m tired of hotels, airports, lousy restaurants and long days. My business partner is coming to the same conclusions and also wishes to cut back at least some. The problem is, we ARE the company. We have the knowledge and experience, and it’s hard to teach someone, or even several someones, what we know. So we have decided to to slow down on the projects we take on, perhaps even downsize the company a good bit, and look to either sell the business or close it down sometime next year. The money is nice, but not if you don’t have the time to enjoy it. And my medical episode earlier this year brought to the forefront the fact that I DO have some health issues that are hard to keep under control when you’re living life on the road 200+ days a year.


    So; it’s time for ole DDM to slow down, play with my cars and motorcycles, and finish up, or sell off, the projects I have at the moment. Piss away the money I’ve made over the years and just enjoy some of the time I have left on this spinning rock, be it a month, a year or a decade.


    1. While acknowledging the passing of time is difficult, it is imperative to bow to the clock, at least a little bit.

      “The money is nice, but not if you don’t have the time to enjoy it.”


  2. The blog post and all of the comments were well worth the time to read and digest the thoughts.


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