Odd Lot Saturday

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“In December 2020, we reported on a new antitrust lawsuit against Google that claimed AMP was created for the purpose of pushing publishers away from “header bidding.” This is an advertising mechanism that allows sites to route their ad inventory through several ad exchanges and sell the space to the highest bidder. At that time it was clear that these were troubling allegations regarding AMP’s performance and how Google may be using it to impede header bidding, but many key parts of the complaint were redacted.

The full text of the newly unredacted complaint, which was unsealed by a federal judge last week, references research from internal Google documents. It states that internal Google communications identified header bidding as an “existential threat.” The complaint alleges that Google throttled non-AMP ads in order to give AMP a ‘nice comparative boost:'”

The complaint also alleges that Facebook and Google colluded to manipulate header bidding auctions, among many other anticompetitive practices.” [emphasis mine]


Wake up, World! The Evil Twins are beyond redemption and are severely abusing their market power.


Below is the collection of photos that led me to the title of today’s post that has nothing to do with the investment definition of an odd lot: an order amount for a security that is less than the normal unit of trading for that particular asset. Odd lots are considered to be anything less than the standard 100 shares for stocks.



Sorry for the poor quality, but that is not a wooden owl on the branch of the Mesquite tree. It was, by far, the largest owl I have ever seen.



Thanks again, Mark.


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  1. You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy them both.
    I see once again you must have an updated version of a book I’ve reviewed. I have an upcoming post about updated versions, I may have to put it up sooner than later.


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