Wandering Wednesday

From Why Evolution Is True I refer these two pieces:


Cathy Young: What is cancel culture and is it really a problem?

The lies of the Art Institute of Chicago


From CNBC I offer this video from an article titled, “Billionaire’s tax is the worst idea ever, says NYU professor Damodaran.”

Being resentful and envious of people who are wealthier than you is not a sound basis for public policy. By the way, I am in favor of getting rid of the provision that allows a step-up in cost basis for inherited assets. However, a tax on unrealized capital gains is just theft of private property by government, no matter how wealthy the taxpayer. If such a tax is established on the very wealthy, the day will come when it’s applied to almost everyone.

I know most of you read this blog for the automobile content. I am also under no illusion that my writing changes the mind of anyone. Still, this is my blog and I feel very strongly about these issues. I just don’t think I can affect any real change.


Surprisingly, I didn’t receive much feedback about the unveiling of the C8 Z06 despite writing two posts about it yesterday. The posts had a decent number of views, but just a couple of comments. Once again, a picture of the car from Chevrolet:



Maybe, emphasis on “Maybe,” when the ZR1 or Zora variants are introduced I will re-consider, but right now I have no interest in buying a C8 Corvette. Remember, so many cars just one life.







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