Sleepless Sunday

One Two Four One…


Not that this has any impact on the world, but after getting up to go to the bathroom at 1:40 AM, I was unable to go back to sleep. My growling stomach, no doubt, played a large role in that outcome.

A stressful Saturday–details unnecessary to repeat–may have also been partly responsible. Some physicians and medical researchers think that 80 to 90 percent of the illness in the developed world is due to stress.


Maybe this will be calming:



This might not be calming:


At long last, the NYT covers the Art Institute of Chicago’s Docentgate

“And so, in today’s [Friday’s] paper, you finally get to read about the unconscionable firing of 82 active, unpaid, volunteer, highly-trained docents by the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC)—13 days after I called it to your attention.”


A madness has descended upon the developed world.


I have long had an interest in concept cars. This recent article from Mac’s Motor City Garage is an interesting look at a “sibling of the Buick LeSabre that isn’t nearly as famous,” the 1951 XP-300.



The XP-300 was more the domain of General Motors’ VP of engineering, Charles Chayne, than of the legendary Harley Earl, although the wraparound windshield was one of Earl’s “creations.” Like the LeSabre (and the legendary Y-Job), the XP-300 was fully functional and Chayne was responsible for many of the 10,000 miles the car amassed before being restored by GM and donated to the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan.

I have often written of my dreams about having a replica built of a famous concept car if my wonderful wife and I ever win untold millions in a lottery. I have to say that the XP-300 would be a contender.








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