Some Car Pics For A Saturday

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The “Penske Complex” has its monthly car event the third Saturday of the month. It is “supposed” to start at 7 AM, meaning you need to arrive no later than 6:45 in order to find a good parking spot. Today, however, we arrived after 7 AM and had no problem finding a choice spot. Attendance was sparse.

Because food/drink vendors were still setting up when we arrived, I’m thinking the start has been pushed back to 8 AM to accommodate the later sunrise. Of course, I could be wrong. Without further ado:



The sun angle at this time of day makes taking photographs somewhat difficult. I just couldn’t resist taking a pic of this car that was part of my Ultimate Garage 3.0 in probably my favorite exterior color at the moment, regardless of the sun.



Have no idea if this is a “real” Kurtis, but it was a nice change of pace from all the Porsches, Ferraris, Corvettes, etc. I am being totally serious. I love the car culture out here, but there is a sameness to a lot of the cars at the various events we attend.



I think this beautiful Aston Martin was here for service and not part of the event. It was still worth photographing.



Hope you have enjoyed the photos.





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9 thoughts on “Some Car Pics For A Saturday

  1. “there is a sameness to a lot of the cars at the various events we attend.”

    I think that’s a problem no matter the location or type of show. If you go to a show that’s geared towards hot rods you will tire of seeing row after row of chopped, channeled, flamed Model A or 32 Ford coupes. and most with a small block Chevy engine.

    Perhaps one of the reasons I dance to a different drummer (some say I boogie to a whole different band) with my automotive choices.


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