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OK, maybe I got too cute taking a picture of my Z06 key fob against the background of The Genuine Corvette Black Book. My wonderful wife bought her brand new 2018 Corvette in July of 2019 (no typos there). I bought my used 2016 Corvette in March of 2019. Both primary fobs had to have the batteries replaced this week, just one day apart.

For a car that is not cheap, the key fob sure seems to be. To replace the battery requires removing the physical key (the shiny thing at the bottom) and using that to wedge open the fob. It really seems like you’re breaking the fob, but eventually the two halves come apart and the battery can be replaced. Fortunately, it’s a standard watch battery, size 2032.

The fobs began to act up for awhile before they completely stopped working. Fortunately, both times we were home when the fobs ceased to work. Can you imagine leaving a doctor’s appointment only to find you can’t get in your car or start it? Supposedly, a way exists to get around it with the physical key, but I am glad I didn’t have to figure it out and very glad that didn’t happen to my wonderful wife.

I actually have three fobs for my car as the Z06 only came with one when I purchased it and it looked like it had been chewed on by a dog. I bought two new fobs.

Yes, it’s nice to be able to just open the door and start the car with a push of a button, but like EVERYTHING else, modern keyless entry systems are neither all good nor all bad.


Maybe this should not be a surprise, but yesterday’s Cars A To Z post about Bugatti had almost 50% more views than the post about Alvis. Of course, maybe the difference is just random.

So far this month, Change Is Constant is easily the most viewed post. Would you like to see each month’s most viewed post? I’m not going to show them today and probably only will if there’s some demand for it.


This picture has nothing to do with anything except I thought it was cool:



The image reminded me of a Spirograph drawing (as opposed to a Spiro Agnew drawing; OK, bad joke). Do you remember Spirograph?






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  1. I go to my dealer every year with my FOB and they replace it for me. So far, they’ve never charged me for a battery, they just change it. Your mileage may vary. :–)


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