National M&Ms Day

Yes, apparently today is National M&Ms Day. I have said many times to many people that whoever invented M&Ms was a genius. A fitting photo:



C’mon, I had to buy some today, right? Hemoglobin A1C be damned…


Not only is today the day to celebrate a candy icon, but it was an amazing weather day here. I eschewed doing my Wednesday workout on the treadmill and walked outside for 40 minutes. When I returned at 10:35 AM the temperature gauge in the backyard read 64 degrees. We probably had a high temp of 71° or 72°.

Not only was the temperature wonderful, but there was not a cloud in the sky for almost all of the day and there was a light breeze. Can’t really convey the feeling with photographs, but I’ll try:



OK, you still want to see at least one car photo…a double shot of Supra.



Be well and eat some M&Ms.







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