Pictures For A Saturday

A picture is (often) worth a thousand words. Leave it to me to attempt to modify such a famous statement.



This was the first car we saw this morning and it just took my breath away. As you can tell from the top and bottom photos, we parked next to this beautiful 1934 Cadillac.



It’s hard to believe, but as famous as the 1963 Corvette Split-Window coupe is, more convertibles were produced that year. The ratio was almost 50-50, though: 10,919 convertibles, 10,594 coupes.



I am a big fan of the Ferrari 456, which I consider to be sort of a forgotten Ferrari and is one that is not ridiculously expensive to buy. Maintenance is another issue, of course, but that’s true for all Ferraris.



The last photo just presented itself to me and I couldn’t resist.

Hope you have enjoyed the pics and (sparse) commentary.





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2 thoughts on “Pictures For A Saturday

  1. Those early 30s Cadillacs (and many of its contemporary cars) are so beautiful. It’s right around that time, the very late 20s/early 30s when manufacturers began incorporating compound curves that the designs really start to appeal to me. I’m sure many spectators that morning must have remarked how the Cad is a behemoth among the Corvettes.


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