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What do you get when you mix someone who wants to write with someone who has nothing about which to write? Today’s post…


I am having the strongest reaction to any of the three vaccine shots I have received against the damn virus. The injection arm is VERY sore and I even feel a little cruddy. None of that happened with the first two shots.

The good news is that my wonderful wife was able to get an appointment for today to receive her booster. Too many people don’t understand that everything is a trade-off and that compounds that can treat or prevent illness can also have side effects.

My reaction to the Shingrix vaccine was orders of magnitude worse than what I am feeling today AND lasted for two weeks after the first dose. I am still glad I received that vaccine.


The number of blog views/visitors continues to fall short of previous levels. Maybe my complaining doesn’t help the situation, but it is my blog.


This Hotcars article from this year is about 10 Underrated American cars. Six of the ten were from Ford Motor Company so I suspect a little bias by the author, but it’s an interesting read. Here is a picture of car number four:



This is a Pontiac Catalina 2+2. Bill Stephens is a big fan of cars like this and this car in particular. According to the article, the 2+2 trim level was introduced in 1964, the same year as the GTO. Note the famous Pontiac eight-lug wheels on the pictured car.

Pontiac produced 257,768 Catalinas in the 1964 model year, of which 74,793 were the Sport Coupe hardtop. The legendary 421 cubic-inch engine was an option in all full-size Pontiacs, meaning–I think–every model except the Tempest.

Bill James has written that there is really no such thing as “underrated” or “overrated” since no “official” rating exists of almost anything. I have to admit that I don’t see many cars like this even in the amazing car scene here, so one could argue these are underrated, at least in this area.

In an earlier post that I have been unable to find (hey, I’ve written more than 1,200 posts for this blog and even with a search widget I can’t find everything), I wrote of my affinity for American automobiles of the early to mid 1960s. I have also written of my affection for Pontiac on more than one occasion. While a car like this was not included in Ultimate Garage 3.0, a very large financial windfall might encourage me to find a good example.








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4 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday

  1. Yeah I have to admit looking at the list, some could be called underrated, others I’d take issue with calling them such.
    I will agree with the Catalina 2+2. Oh they were good looking and they had the grunt. But I think more people were taken with the Impala SS, and the GTO and other GM intermediates (plus the new Mustang) really overshadowed cars like the Catalina and Wildcat.


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