Facebook Is Evil!

How many of you are aware of the Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen? Although I don’t think her revelations will materially affect the company or its stock price, I think these are simply more proof of what I and many others have been saying: Facebook Is Evil! I don’t think usage will be affected because I think most people who use the “platform” are addicted and addiction beats morality almost every time. An excerpt from this CNBC article:


“The former Facebook product manager for civic misinformation told lawmakers that Facebook consistently puts its own profits over users’ health and safety, which is largely a result of its algorithms’ design that steers users toward high-engagement posts that in some cases can be more harmful. Though she stopped short of accusing top executives of intentionally creating harmful products, she said that ultimately, CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to be responsible for the impact of his business. Haugen also said that Facebook’s algorithm could steer young users from something relatively innocuous like healthy recipes to content promoting anorexia in a short period of time…the problems she saw at Facebook were worse than anywhere else she’d worked, which includes Google, Yelp and Pinterest.”


If Congress had any guts it would push the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice to break up Facebook. If my aunt had had balls, she would have been my uncle. I HATE FACEBOOK!!!


Today’s post is “late” for good reasons. First, my wonderful wife and I had to take our 2015 Cadillac ATS into the bodyshop for the repairs caused by the accident in August. After that we decided to stop and have a nice breakfast.

Second and more important, I was able to receive my booster vaccine shot against the damn virus this morning. However, as I didn’t make an appointment I had to wait about an hour from the time I signed in until I received the shot.

Hopefully, my wonderful wife will make the time to get the booster later this week. Since she’s a “lame duck” at her job, one would think she could take a work break to get the shot.


I am not looking that far down the alphabet in the Cars A To Z feature, but this could be the “S” car:



This is a beautiful Sunbeam Tiger in a green that is not quite British Racing Green. As regular readers know, I really like these cars.






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4 thoughts on “Facebook Is Evil!

  1. I never have had and never will have a Tracebook account, or for that matter any other social media account. If my life sinks that low to where I have to have one, I reckon I’ll just move into a cave somewhere and just be a hermit.

    There are companies where the only way to connect with them is to go on Tracebook. I guess they don’t need my money, because so far I have been able to find anything I want from other sources. If joining becomes the only way I can get something I want, I guess I’ll just do without.


    1. Thanks, DDM. I agree with you, but unfortunately for all of us, billions of people don’t.

      Until my browser software added something called “Facebook Container” I had to delete Facebook tracking cookies from my computer at least every week, EVEN THOUGH I DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT. How is that not illegal? It is certainly unethical.


      1. I have the same on my browser. And I run Super Anti Spyware at least every 3-4 days to catch others that slip thru.

        And yes, it’s a pain in my posterior.


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