Monday Madness

“Statements” that are too easy to find on the Internet and elsewhere:


“Charity is anti-democratic and should be banned. All decisions about the allocation of money should be made by government.”

“12,000-15,000 homicides by firearm and 20,000+ suicides by firearm annually are just collateral damage in the war to protect gun rights.”

“Bill Gates has made sure that the COVID vaccine has a microchip so he can track you.”

“Making decisions based on merit is the definition of racism.”


I have written this before and will probably write it again, but a madness has descended upon the developed world. I think this madness is growing, fueled by the scourge of social media. (Yes, I am aware of the irony of a blog creator calling social media a scourge.) I just didn’t think it was possible for so many people to need operations to have their heads removed from their rectums.


C/2–or as I call him, C Squared–has made a great suggestion for blog posts: Cars A To Z. As I envision this feature I will probably post two of these a week and use makes and not models to satisfy the alphabetical requirement.

Of course, I could use almost anything automotive to write about for a given letter. I just will enjoy it more if I focus on makes. The great thing about this idea is that it’s defined and freeform at the same time.

I am not ready to start today as I want to do at least a little research first. I am grateful to C Squared for his suggestion and to the fact that the number of automotive books in my possession is in triple digits. 😉


In case you don’t know, or even if you do, no one has matched all of the winning numbers in the Powerball lottery for something like the last 40 drawings. As such, the annuity value of the big jackpot has reached $670 million; the cash value is $475 million.

Powerball is now drawn three days a week with a Monday drawing having been added in August. Yes, my wonderful wife and I have a ticket for tonight’s drawing. If we were the only winner, I could spend an average of $100,000 per car for each letter of the alphabet and still only spend about one percent of the after-tax cash winnings. Of course, something like this would cost way more than 100 grand:



If you don’t have dreams, you have nightmares.







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      1. If you get stuck shoot me a message. I have an encyclopedia of automakers that’s a couple decades old but it’s about 800 pages of pretty much every automaker from 1885 to I think about the 1970s.


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