Nothing In Particular

Brett Favre and Jerry Rice appear in a commercial for what is basically a glorified corset that is supposed to help with back and core issues. At the end Favre utters the tag line for the product, “Live Limitless.” I think, though, people who fail to appreciate their limits often wind up in deep doo-doo or worse.

It’s not that I think people shouldn’t strive to do better or to expand their lives, but all of us have real constraints, which need to be respected. If you can’t swim, don’t dive into a 12-foot deep pool. That’s as much of a metaphorical axiom as a real-world warning.


Not that anyone asked, but the “milestone” number of yearly views for this blog that I hoped would occur before the end of September was reached, but not until September 30. Ominously, though, blog views have dropped dramatically since about September 20. September was the first month in over a year where the number of views divided by the number of posts failed to reach a certain level.

Obviously, if you’re not reading this you can’t tell me what is happening and if you are reading, then the decline in readership doesn’t apply to you. I have read that blogs can often reach a stage where interest just sort of wanes as a matter of course.


On a much happier note, my wonderful wife has informed all relevant parties of her intention to retire at the end of this year. (Did I bury the lede?) While what is happening with her mother understandably takes some of the luster off the shine of impending retirement, we are both very happy with this decision.

In retirement we should be able to travel more, even if that means “just” taking in the sights of Arizona, like this:



My wonderful wife took this picture while we were on en route to a Cars and Coffee event about 20 miles from our house. Except for the hottest days of summer (when hot-air balloons are less buoyant), these launches are commonplace, but still quite lovely to view.

Did I say Cars and Coffee? We did indeed attend one yesterday and while the event was packed with cars, and even in-person “Thank Yous” from people working the event, the best part was spending time with Professor T, his wife, and my wife’s friend and former colleague, Luke. You still want to see pictures? OK…



As it turns out, this car has appeared in Disaffected Musings before, in this post from January of this year. The owner lives on a boat on the lake where my wonderful wife, her parents and I spent much of New Years Day, 2021.



Corvettes were well-represented and the event had a very strong turnout. One thing that made me happy was the proportion of young people in attendance; they were also well-represented.







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4 thoughts on “Nothing In Particular

  1. I am glad you mentioned the young people participating in the car shows. We need them to become interested to keep the car culture alive and well. The show I attended today had a young guns category for enthusiasts under 25 years of age, 3 trophies.


  2. With regards to your discussion of knowing your limits, one of my recurring phrases as I get old….er is: I know better than…

    It is noted that your favorite GTO was in attendance and that Fords were well represented. I should check the local schedule and see what events are happening in my locale. Enjoy the cooler weather. I’m off on my morning 1.5 mile walk where I pass one Corvette of the model in yellow pictured above. This one is red.


    1. Thanks, Philip. I can’t speak for your area, but in this part of Arizona the car culture is simply orders of magnitude richer than it was in the mid-Atlantic. Even with the damn virus, the car scene here has not disappointed.


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