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One Two One Nine…



Not long after I took these pictures on Thursday we experienced our first of three periods of moderate to heavy rain with thunder and wind. At one point during the rain–let’s say at 4:30 PM–the temperature gauge in our backyard read 62°. At (very) nearby Carefree, the temperature was 57°.

These were not monsoonal storms, but were a result of a powerful upper-level low pressure system. Of course, we turned our AC systems off and opened the windows even knowing that parts of the house might get a little wet. At one point while my wonderful wife and I were sitting in the bonus room upstairs, we could feel rain being blown on to us, even though the screen door in front of the sliding door was closed and we were 5-8 feet from the screen.

It wouldn’t bother me in the least if, in the future, average annual rainfall is 12 inches here instead of the historical 8. Of course, I don’t know what effects, if any, that would have on local flora and fauna, but many lifeforms are highly adaptable. I don’t have a rain gauge, but I would be shocked if we didn’t receive at least an inch of rain on Thursday, if not 2-3.

While forecasts that are more than five or six days out are not really that accurate, our nighttime lows are supposed to drop into the 50s (F, 12°-14° C) by the end of next week. I hope we are about to hit the weather sweetspot here because that lasts quite awhile. Yesterday, instead of using the treadmill for my Friday workout, I walked in the neighborhood for the first time in months and I really enjoyed it, sweat and all.

Enough with the weather report, although I would never say enough with Weather Report.


It’s amazing how good a photograph can look when taken by a professional:



Many thanks to Rob Mains for graciously taking and sending me these photos. I must say (channeling Ed Grimley) that it at least borders on amazing how much better the ZR1 wheels look than the original Z06 wheels.


Enjoy your weekend…







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