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Do you pay attention to post titles? Do you think I overdo it with alliterative titles like today’s?


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A madness has descended upon the developed world.


This CNBC piece by Ron Insana is about China’s central bank making all cryptocurrency-related activities illegal. Insana thinks other countries will follow. From the article:


“Countries do not, and will not, let their institutions, or their currencies, fall by the wayside because an independent group of currency creators decides it must be so…China may be the first to ban bitcoin, and other currencies, but I am sure it won’t be the last.”


This recent post from Exotic Car List is titled, “The 10 Best Used Sports Cars Under $75,000.” Given the price limit it should be no surprise that many of these cars are from the US. I mean, I can’t buy a used Ferrari 488 for even twice that amount, unless it’s wrecked.

Although the piece lists the C7 Corvette, I wanted to show this car:


Nissan GT-R


This is a Nissan GT-R and it is possible to find a used one for less than $75,000. I found three nationwide this morning that fit the bill and the highest mileage among them was 40,000-ish. Of course, contrary to the “reporting” in the article, all of these are at least 11 years old. The Exotic Car List piece refers to “2012-2016” as being “the sweet spot.”

The engine in a new 2010 GT-R had 485 HP/435 LB-FT of torque. The car could accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 3.5 seconds. Did I mention it’s all-wheel drive? It even has seating for four, technically.

I have never driven a GT-R of any iteration, but the version that began production in late 2007 sure reads like a great car. Yes, although the car’s been tweaked (the engine now produces 565 HP/465 LB-FT, for example), it’s almost 15 years old. Rumors abound that the next GT-R will be a hybrid and that it will be introduced for the 2023 or 2024 model year. That would put the introduction about the same time as the first Corvette hybrid, the E-Ray.


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  1. If it makes sense, in regards to this blog I do and do not pay attention to post titles. I do, in that the title gives some sense of what the post will be about. I do not in that it I will read the post regardless of what the title is. At least, that’s been the case so far, I won’t guarantee there isn’t some title out there that would make me pass.


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