Monday Musings 82

I was originally going to call today’s post “30 Z06 Months.” Today is 2 1/2 years since I took delivery of my Z06.

Thirty months is one more than I owned my previous car, a 2009 BMW Z4. Even though I have driven the Z06 more in Arizona than I did in the mid-Atlantic, unbelievably to me I have still not driven it as many miles as the BMW. I drove the Z4 8,500 miles in 29 months; I have put 7,800 miles on the Z06. Pictures of the cars in question:



I had a dream that was mainly disturbing until the end. Many of the details are lost to me now, but the gist of it was I was frantically preparing to take a trip. I realized I had to stop somewhere to pick up something important (my keys?) before I could depart and did not want to walk burdened by luggage through a huge crowd. Suddenly, I saw Dr. Zal and Dr. Hoss and they were there to help me with my endeavor. The sense of happiness and relief was overwhelming.

The two gentlemen in question are two very good friends whom I’ve known since elementary school. They have earned the moniker “Dr.” since they both have Ph.D. STEM degrees. I guess I’m the slacker since I only have an M.A. in Economics.


My two “favorite” NFL teams played very similar games yesterday. Both blew double-digit point leads on the road only to rally and win on a field goal on the last play of the game. I could not watch the Ravens game as it was not broadcast in this market. I did not watch the Packers game as my wonderful wife and I needed to do things around the house.

The Ravens win may have been more dramatic as they had to convert on a fourth down and 19 from their own 16-yard line before even getting into a position to attempt a field goal. Oh, the kick that won the game for them was the longest field goal in NFL history, 66 yards, and bounced off the crossbar before settling on the “good” side of it. This is the second time that Ravens’ kicker extraordinaire Justin Tucker has kicked a 60+ yard field goal to win a game for the Ravens in Detroit. He joked after the game that he might have to buy a house there.


A few days ago I did something unthinkable: I accidentally deleted all of the emails in my Inbox. While I only had about 35 emails in it–I like to file important ones in a few other folders and delete ones I don’t need–some of the deleted emails were important, like acknowledgments of estimated tax payments.

I don’t think anything like that could have happened to me even five years ago and certainly not 10 or 15. The incident is also a stark reminder that I will never be as comfortable or proficient on a small mobile device as I am on a desktop computer.


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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings 82

  1. I did watch the Packers game, and they make me nervous. They are my team (Steelers being a close 2nd), but the last few years I find Green Bay tough to watch. Maybe I long for a team that dominates. It just seems they get out to a decent lead, seem in control, and then… suddenly the offence can’t put a drive together and the defence plays soft and can’t stop the opposition. Maybe I just don’t like the outcome to be in doubt.


    1. I think the Packers’ football brass has taken #12 for granted. For years, it seemed that the late Ted Thompson was obsessed in having a totally home-grown roster, as opposed to the best roster given the salary cap.

      The Steelers? Well, Mark, I guess even you aren’t perfect…as a Ravens fan you can guess my feelings about the team from Pittsburgh.

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