Rainy Fall Sunday

As if to remind us that the official end of monsoon season is September 30th, we have been receiving rain since about 5 AM. A relevant photo, albeit not a great pic:



Obviously, the photo was taken indoors of an outdoor scene, which is probably a photography no-no. I wasn’t going to get wet and I think the raindrops on the window are a nice touch. Different strokes for different folks, DSFDF…

As we returned from breakfast, the display in my wonderful wife’s Corvette read 65° for the outside temperature. The respite from the heat is welcome and, hopefully, we have seen the last 100°+ day for awhile.


Perhaps it’s because I have admitted that I am on a long streak of continuous posting because I want to reach a yearly milestone in views before the end of September. Perhaps it’s because football season has started in earnest. Whatever the reason(s) the number of views and visitors have dropped dramatically in the last week.

People who are not reading are not going to see this and those who are may not want to read it. Once again, this is my blog. If I reach that milestone before September 30th I may take a few days off, but I may not. In any event, the lightning bolt I need for my blog to reach a much larger audience will almost certainly never happen.


OK, some photos most of you have come to expect from me:



Yep, that’s a not new Rolls-Royce with almost 4,000 miles and an asking price of about $350,000.



I really like these Maserati Gran Turismo cars. This one was very sharp in person. Speaking of Maserati, I was still unable to get an in-person look at the new MC20. Originally, I was told the shipment of eight cars would arrive in late summer. Yesterday, I was told production had only begun quite recently and that maybe the cars would be here in December.



I received numerous questions and compliments about my car at this event, far more than ever before. I am convinced the ZR1 wheels are the reason.

I welcome thoughtful comments. The “Big Five” commenters account for 85% of published comments that are not mine. While, of course, those five people add a lot to this blog, and while this is the usual pattern for such an endeavor (a small percentage of readers who actually comment), I am asking those of you who read on a regular or semi-regular basis, but who have not commented to consider offering your thoughts. We would all appreciate it. Thanks in advance.





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9 thoughts on “Rainy Fall Sunday

  1. I would have been proud to see 65 this, or the last couple, of mornings. 47 at 5 am today here in west central Ohio (not quite the middle of nowhere, but I’m pretty sure that’s about 10 miles east of here). But as is typical this time of year, mid 70’s this afternoon, mid 80’s next couple of days. Then back to the chill.

    I took the opportunity last night to scratch off a “bucket list” racetrack, Eldora Speedway in Rossburg Ohio. It was the last race for their season called the 4 Crown*. I know very little about the drivers or the series they run, but it was a good time. One time, about 10 years ago, I got to test drive a 360 sprint car (called that because of the engine displacement) that a friend in Florida was running. His team had rented the track for the day for testing and I kinda snuck out for a few laps. Quite likely the strangest car I have ever driven. Due to different size tires on all 4 corners, you had to turn right to go straight. Turning left was done mainly with the throttle. Quite an experience and one I have no intention of repeating.



      1. A few constraints remain, diet related. When out on the road it’s difficult to eat off a menu and keep diabetic friendly, especially given the choices here in a small town. Fast food, chain restaurants, BBQ, sports bars, etc are not noted for low sugar/low carb options.

        But there is a grocery store so it’s doubtful I’ll starve.


    1. DDM, dirt track race cars are an animal all to themselves and the fact that they only turn left makes them unique. I have not had the experience of driving one myself which I deem the reason I am still around to continue driving. Roger McCluskey, the Indy and USAC driver, was from my home town of Tucson, AZ. His and his brother’s shop was in my neighborhood. Roger was superb on the dirt tracks.especially Langhorne PA which was almost a circle. Roger was one of the few deemed the Langhorne Flyers, referring to those drivers who could put the sprint car into a reverse lockout slide all the way around the one mile dirt track. The good dirt track sprint car drivers usually controlled with the throttle.

      Thou art very wise to NOT repeat driving that race car.

      I have friends in Central Ohio. I shall break out the maps and see if they are in your local.


  2. Whatever happened to Lotus? At one time I thought they would be THE super car; fast great handling, and a reachable price. And the thought of Julia Roberts handling my stick…


  3. I’m not surprised the Maseratis are late. Supply chain issues are all I’ve been hearing about lately especially relating to computer components needed for new vehicles.
    My girlfriend’s dad was telling me there isn’t a single local Cadillac XT5 available, and the wait is months for a new one. A friend of a friend commented my good condition 2013 Fusion would get decent money on the used car market, as prices are up due to the state of the market. Of course, I’m not sure how that would help me considering I’d have to buy a car to replace it, and guess what, prices are up due to the state of the market lol.


    1. Thanks, Mark. Your comment about the increase in the value of your Fusion is similar to the situation regarding our house. It has probably appreciated by 30%-35% in the roughly 11 months we’ve owned it, but so have most of the houses in this market. The only way that appreciation helps us is if we downsize and move to a market where the increase in housing prices has been less pronounced. We didn’t move here to be real estate speculators.

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