Life Intrudes, Sharply

Yesterday, my wonderful wife’s mother entered an in-patient hospice facility. Five months ago she was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic carcinoma. The primary cancer was almost certainly from her bout with breast cancer in 2016, which, sadly, was not her first battle with the disease.

My wife is, understandably, worried about her father. Her parents have been married 67 years. I am very worried about my wonderful wife. She is an only child and worships her mother.

Many of us have to deal with a situation like this, but I cannot imagine it’s ever anything less than gut-wrenching.


My writing “The terrorists have won” in this post was, obviously, premature. Yesterday, the US House of Representatives passed a bill providing funding for Israel’s Iron Dome DEFENSIVE system by an overwhelming vote of 420-9.

Three of the four disgusting members of the House known as “The Squad” were among the nine “No” votes. The fourth member, the one who some news outlets treat as the only important Representative among 435, voted “Present.”



I blame much of the news media for giving these four cretins so much exposure. I also think the media likes to use scare tactics about the damn virus in order to boost their ratings. This article from The Atlantic, written by Craig Spencer (an emergency-medicine physician and director of global health in emergency medicine at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center), reads in part:


“So let me make one thing clear: Vaccinated people are not as likely to spread the coronavirus as the unvaccinated. Even in the United States, where more than half of the population is fully vaccinated, the unvaccinated are responsible for the overwhelming majority of transmission…the single most important factor in spreading the coronavirus: To spread the coronavirus, you have to have the coronavirus. And vaccinated people are far less likely to have the coronavirus—period.

Among the unvaccinated, the virus travels unhindered on a highway with multiple off-ramps and refueling stations. In the vaccinated, it gets lost in a maze of dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs. Every so often, it pieces together an escape route, but in most scenarios, it finds itself cut off, and its journey ends. It can go no further.

This is borne out by recent data from New York City that show that more than 96 percent of cases are among the unvaccinated. Only 0.33 percent of fully vaccinated New Yorkers have been diagnosed with COVID-19.”


I don’t think this type of information is being disseminated in most of the news media. It’s not good for ratings. I also trust someone like Spencer infinitely more than any politician, entertainer or lay person.


On this day in 1948 the Honda Motor Company was incorporated. The company has gained at least as much notoriety for its motorcycles as for its cars, but it has produced two cars of which I think very highly. One was even a member of my Ultimate Garage 3.0.


See the source image

See the source image


The top picture, of course, is a Honda S2000, which was included in my Ultimate Garage 3.0. The bottom picture is the current generation Acura NSX; Acura is Honda’s “luxury” car make.

In my first blog, I posted an Ultimate Garage and a couple of readers were quite angry that I had not included the modern NSX. As I wrote then, I think very highly of the car, but not quite highly enough to have included it. Sadly in my opinion, the 2022 model year will be the last for this generation NSX. Who knows? It might be the last NSX, period.

Oh, I am indeed writing this post at a little after midnight local time. I cannot sleep despite my usual 5 mg of Melatonin. Life intrudes, sharply.








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8 thoughts on “Life Intrudes, Sharply

  1. “Who’s reading at this hour?!”

    Us insomniacs.

    Hate to hear about your MIL. My own dad is having some new medical issues. He twisted his upper body a bit awkwardly and apparently separated a rib. Went to get an X-ray and it also showed what the PA called a “mass” on his lung. So now he has another appointment to get a CT scan to see what/if it’s anything. I’m hoping it’s nothing but a shadow on the x-ray, as is he.

    If it IS something, I guess I’ll be leaving the project I’m on in Ohio and heading to Florida.

    So yes, “Life intrudes, sharply.”


  2. Having lost my dad at fifteen-Fcuk you Mr. Sullivan, 99 my ass!-and my mom at 44, my heart goes out to your wonderful wife and to the challenges you will both face over the next few weeks/months with both of her parents. I hope you can take comfort in the thought that when God closes one door, another is opened. Please convey to Vsquared to make these last few moments as good as possible.

    I had a patient once gift me a bottle of 1974 Chateau Margaux. Unfortunately he developed terminal lung cancer and went into inpatient hospice. With his wife’s and the hospital’s permission, we shared that bottle over some cheese and crackers. Life is sometimes wasted on the living. Peace be with you.


  3. Your wife’s mother is my wife’s aunt. We will do our part here and know the concerns having gone through this with both my wife’s and my parents.


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