Monday Musings 81

I was originally going to write about this article from Mac’s Motor City Garage about the Studebaker V-8 engine. If you’re interested, you can read the article.

My writing well is dry this morning, but in my OCD-fueled quest to reach a certain milestone in yearly views by the end of this month, I am compelled to write. I readily admit that is not a good reason.

How about this recent photo?



My wonderful wife really liked this cactus flower. It’s a myth that the desert is just brown. That observation is particularly false after a wet monsoon season, like the one we have experienced this year.

Even in a monsoon sky, our views of the landscape can be breathtaking, and I don’t mean that in a Seinfeld kind of way.



This is the view from the bonus room on the north side of our house on the second floor. It was this room (>300 square feet) and this view that really sold us.

The house needed a lot of work and, in many ways, falls short of what we would want in an “ideal” dwelling, even at our budget. We had just 3-4 days to find a house and had to simply buy the best one available. Oh, it was one year ago today that our offer on this house was accepted.

It’s been an eventful year and, unfortunately, not all of those events have been good ones. I have been reluctant to share details about everything going on here, but–sadly–suspect I will have to share some of the relevant circumstances before too much longer.

Here’s hoping you’ll have a better Monday than I’m having.





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