Monday Musings 80

I am still not in the best of moods, so read accordingly.


This post from Why Evolution Is True is about Andrew Sullivan’s (he is a somewhat “famous” author, blogger and political commentator) belief that people are pushing back, hard, against the plague of wokeness to the point where it may be on the wane. The post author is not so sure, but sees some rays of hope.

One of Sullivan’s eight examples is this:


“Both The Atlantic and The New Yorker have just published long essays that push back against woke authoritarianism and cruelty. Since both magazines have long capitulated to rank illiberalism, this is encouraging. And since critical theory is an entirely elite-imposed orthodoxy, it matters when the ranks of the elite crack a little.

Anne Applebaum links the woke phenomenon to previous moral panics and mob persecutions, which is where it belongs.”


I hope Sullivan is right and I know Applebaum is. Still, I think the only solution will be dissolution. I have often thought about in which US spinoff I would like to live. The sad thing is that none of them would probably appeal to me.


Today’s Pick Of The Day in the Classic Cars Journal is…a 1991 Cadillac Allante. The title of the piece is, “Pick of the Day: The Italian Cadillac.”

I suspect most of you reading know that the Allante was a collaboration between Cadillac and legendary Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina. The bodies and interiors were built in Italy and then flown to Detroit in specially equipped Boeing 747s where the rest of the car was installed. That production chain contributed to the very high price of these cars ($54,700 MSRP when introduced in 1987; a 1987 Corvette convertible was $33,172), which itself contributed to the failure of the car in the marketplace. Yes, I must show a picture:


The Pick of the Day is a 1991 Cadillac Allante being offered for sale by its second owner. 


This configuration, with the auxiliary hardtop in place, is how I think these cars look their best. By the way, this is post #1,201 and the 25th in which the Allante is mentioned. Some of you might think it’s the 250th.

To better days…







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3 thoughts on “Monday Musings 80

  1. Hard top convertibles are an interesting breed. I prefer them, but their mechanisms are tricky. This weekend, my wife asked me to look at her 2013 Volvo with a hardtop. The interior was slightly askew, not closing properly. At first I could not figure it out, then she told me that she had the other side fixed in the past. As I looked closer, I found a FABRIC string that was part of a sophisticated opening/closing mechanism had broken, leading to the problem. I can only imagine the number of shop hours it will take to replace/repair what amounts to a shoestring responsible for a very important component.


  2. I felt compelled to check (which I think is the ebayclassifieds equivalent) to see what is out there for Allantes. I found 9 listed in the province of Ontario (or nearby in Quebec). The best seems to be a black on black on black 1993 soft top with 112,000 kms asking $12500CDN (so 70,000 miles for about $10K US). There’s some other interesting ones in the $10K CDN range with both soft and hard tops, both in white, and 87 (99,000kms) and an 89 (118,000kms).
    I think if I were in the market I’d opt for the black 93. The later version is likely most trouble free. Good to know they’re out there and available though. They’re nice cars, and I don’t see many in the wild really.


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