I Really Want One Of These…

Can I have one, pretty please?!

This morning, my wonderful wife, her parents and I attended a monthly Cars and Coffee at one of those facilities about which I have written. These are very large garage spaces that someone can buy (a few are now available for lease here, as well). Here is a sample of one done very well:



Here are some more photos:



I am so desirous of having one of these that I finally screwed up my courage (does anyone else actually still use that expression?) and asked someone how much it would take to buy one, although none are available for sale at this particular location. I thought they were six figures, but they are about twice as much as I thought. That’s just for the space, which I was told was a minimum of 1,500 square feet (30 x 50) and a minimum “clearance” of 20 feet in height. The other accoutrement are extra, of course.

I guess I won’t be getting one of these unless the 1-in-300,000,000 chance of winning the lottery happens. A couple of more pics from this morning:



This is, supposedly, the only Plymouth Superbird in FE5 color (Bright Red). As you can tell, it is in (very) original condition. The owner claimed this was only the second time he had shown the car in public; we saw this car the last time we attended this Cars and Coffee event. The owner admitted it was time to restore it as he feared it disintegrating into nothing if he waited much longer.



I am not a big fan of White as an exterior color, but 1) this is an Aston Martin that looks good in any color, and 2) the red and gray accents make the car pop, in my opinion.

It was almost impossible to point the camera in any direction and not have a Porsche in the photo. They are ubiquitous in this area.

What is life without dreams?






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4 thoughts on “I Really Want One Of These…

  1. That is some mighty spiffy “garage” space, more like a man cave to someone like myself. And i would hope there is 24 hr security included in the price and given the value of the contents.

    The owner of the Superbird isn’t just blowing smoke, it IS the only one known. I had read about the car earlier this year. Nice to see some work being done on it. Not sure how long the owner has had it, because according to the article the car was in Texas in the beginning of this year.



    1. The owner said he “found” it in the Houston area. I don’t know how long he’s owned it.

      Yes, the facility has 24/7 security although I don’t know if a monthly maintenance fee is charged on top of the high purchase price.


  2. In your area, the demand is such that you may want to consider building a facility like this with borrowed money with the project funding your own unit. This is how real estate gurus do it: buy a four plex, rent out three, live in one.


    1. Thanks, Doc. In theory your plan is sound. The reality of acquiring land, getting zoning, lining up financing, finding potential tenants, etc. is not consistent with how I want to spend my time at this stage of my life.


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