Give Me A Break!

For the second time in about two weeks we have had a very unpleasant event. Once again, I am not going to share details, but this is getting really old, really fast. Give Me A Break! Alternatively,



Twice my dentist used the phrase “Piece Of Cake” in describing the extraction of my wisdom teeth before the actual procedure. Both times I corrected him saying, “Nothing is a piece of cake. My father watched his family murdered by Nazi troops.”

Well, one week after the procedure and despite his “promise,” I am still in pain, both extraction sites are swollen and I think at least one of the extraction sites is infected. I do have a follow-up appointment today and will ask for scripts for Amoxicillin and Prednisone. If he doesn’t write the scripts, I will probably look for a new dentist.


Although I cannot corroborate this date anywhere else, according to 365 Days Of Motoring it was on this day in 1965 that production of the first iteration of the Iso Grifo–the GL–began. Of course, this car was part of both my Ultimate Garage 3.0 and 2.0. From this piece: “Considered by some to be the most elegant-looking Gran Turismo (GT) supercar ever created…”



Unfortunately, in practical terms this car is beyond my budget. According to Hagerty, the “average” value of a 1965 Iso Grifo GL is $361,000. Although modern low-profile tires are better for handling, there is something about the look of wire wheels and older, higher-profile tires that just looks right to me.


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6 thoughts on “Give Me A Break!

  1. I hope you were able to get some relief for the after effects of the surgery. It’s such a disappointment – more than that really – to try to get one thing fixed and end up with a new issue.
    Both sides of my family originate in Italy (or at least trace back there to the 1700s as far as I’ve researched). But I think I say without bias of heritage that the Italians created some of the most beautiful designs in automotive history. I first saw a picture of a Grifo in a book or magazine (maybe a Road & Track special?). The Grifo was among others such as the Miura, Alfa Montreal and original Ghibli, and I was really blown away.

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    1. I knew I liked you for some reason. 🙂 All of those Italian cars you mentioned are among my favorites.

      Thanks for your post-surgery thoughts. I am feeling better, at least in my mouth. My neck and shoulder are another story.

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