I Wish I Could Remember

Originally, today’s post title was supposed to refer to a dream I had last night/this morning. I remember that it was a rare dream, a dream of happiness and contentment. I don’t remember details; I don’t know if my wonderful wife and I had won the lottery or were in a beautiful and serene vacation spot or whatever.

The more I tried to remember the dream, though, the more I wished I could just remember more good things from my life. Until my mid-40s or thereabouts I had total recall. The “downshift” to a more normal memory has been a change to which I have not adjusted well.

I do remember that I have had primarily bad dreams for all of my life. I have had recurring dreams that I could not find my apartment or that I am driving and suddenly my car has disappeared and I am literally sitting on the road in a driving position. When I was young, my most frequent dream was that I had to get from Point A to Point B and the only way to do so was through a tunnel that seemed too small for me to traverse.

Conversely, I do remember times when Dr. Zal and I would start laughing so hard that I would literally have trouble breathing. I remember that wonderful year of 1970 when Baltimore’s baseball and football teams won the championships in their respective leagues. It seems as though my dreams were often worse than my reality.

As I have reached my seventh decade on this planet, I am struggling to get my house in order so I can enjoy what time I have left. I am trying to see more positive and less negative, but exogenous events and my endogenous tendencies make that all but impossible. Being able to remember more good things would help me to enjoy the ride.


How to segue from the opening of this post to something lighter…



As you may or may not remember, this is the photo that provided the spark for me to start blogging regularly about cars. That actually happened while I was writing my previous blog, which was hosted by the Evil Empire (AKA Google) and then cruelly and arbitrarily deleted by my “host.” Here is a picture of a close cousin of the car pictured above:



The bottom photo is of a 1949 Cadillac Series 61 Club Coupe. That is a significant year because it saw the introduction of the first modern, overhead-valve, oversquare (bore > stroke) V-8 by both Cadillac and Oldsmobile. I could be wrong (maybe John Kraman can correct me if I am), but I believe this engine block was the basis for Cadillac engines for decades thereafter.

I have scratched my Cadillac itch, of course, as we own a 2015 ATS. Still, in a world where we have A LOT of money, a Cadillac of this era might be an acquisition. My lottery dreams are a manifestation of what’s left of my optimism, which isn’t much if I am to be honest. Still, if you don’t have dreams you have nightmares. (From the movie Diner…)









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5 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Remember

  1. I am always a fan of those mid-century luxury cars. A lottery win isn’t in the stars for me, so I will continue to admire them at the shows and cruise nights.


  2. I love the stylish lines of the post war Cadillac. And the interior room! You could actually seat 6 people comfortably. I cannot forget to mention the Dagmars, either.


    1. Thanks, Philip. Obviously, I am a big fan of those cars as well. I would prefer 1949 to 1948 because of the engine, but given my inclinations I would probably restomod the car, anyway, so 1948 would be fine. I prefer ’48 to ’47 because the former is the first year with tail fins, albeit quite modest.


  3. I have always loved the look of the GM sedanette or in this case club coupe. I recall old 1940s and 1950s comic books, often a speeding car would resemble this fastback style.
    Some of the few cars still being made seem to have picked up this look. While I’ve said I’m not so much a fan of Cadillac’s newest designs, the more I look at them and my Fusion and some Nissan cars, the more I see the roofline and trunk melding into something reminiscent of this old design.


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