More Car Show Pics

First…my “political” statement for the day:



This is the t-shirt I wore as my wonderful wife and I did some trimming ordered by the HOA fascists. I really don’t care if they paint the few square millimeters of bushes sticking through the back fence, but they won’t paint the fence unless the bushes were “removed.” Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe the small-minded, self-righteous pinheads who serve on most HOA boards and the management companies that supervise them?


Here are some much better pictures:



Oh, you want to see the car…



You might recognize the Corvette on the right. The longer I have the new wheels, the happier I am with them.

I really liked the following car and we usually see something like this at this particular monthly gathering:



This is a beautiful 1933 Pontiac. They built about 90,000 of these in 1933 priced between $585 and $695.



The bottom photo is a current generation Acura NSX. Unfortunately, production of this car will end with the 2022 model year. Mecum auctioned VIN 001 for the last year of the NSX for charity at the recently completed Monterey event. I think the car hammered for $1 million, but I also think Mecum still collects a commission even for charity cars so the buyer paid $1.1 million all in.

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures; well, at least the ones about cars.









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6 thoughts on “More Car Show Pics

  1. For someone like myself, living under the thumb of a HOA would be nigh on impossible. While my property will never be featured on Better Homes and Gardens, neither will it be condemned as “blighted.” Due to my “leasing” some of the property out for agriculture, it’s classified on the tax rolls as “limited agriculture acreage.” Therefore, there is no restriction on the amount, or type, of vehicles that can be parked “uncovered.” As I have more vehicles than 3 of my neighbors combined, it works out well.

    I spent the last 3 days on the road. We had some machine parts in our shop in Florida that needed to go to a shop in Alabama for some repair. Trucking service right now is, to put it mildly, a cluster f*. Price is sky high and availability is spotty. So I decided to take my truck that I just finished re-installing the transmission in, and go get the parts to deliver them on Monday. Did a little visiting on the way back, so just rolled in tonite. I suspect it’s showing up around the country, but I ran into fuel stops that were experiencing “supply interruptions.” No fuel in other words. Same with the restaurants I stopped in. EVERY one had at least one menu item covered over due to it not being available. I know that our local stores are starting to see more “delayed” shipments, resulting in items being out of stock. My partner confirmed the same for his area (central Florida, Gulf coast).

    But the truck did good, even carrying approx 5,500 lbs of machine parts. Trans worked good, MUCH firmer shifts and still returned 16 mpg. So the $2,500 I spent on the rebuild and upgrades seems to be worth the money spent.


    1. Thanks, DDM. We have never met nor spoken voice-to-voice, but from your colorful comments (that is a compliment) I am not surprised that you would not be happy living under HOA covenants. I don’t like it, either, never have.

      At the hotel where we stayed in Monterey, one of the restaurants was not open and the other was not serving lunch because of a staff shortage. The closest Dunkin’ store to us has a very limited menu because of the same reason. Why do politicians think that if people have less incentive to work they will still work?! That’s a rhetorical question because the answer is really obvious.


  2. I happened to watch an episode of Judge Judy yesterday where the plaintiffs were suing their HOA board for attorney fees they needed to pay to hire an attorney. Their attorney needed to essentially point out to the HOA that not only were they not applying the bylaws correctly, but that their board of directors included someone who isn’t an owner, also contrary to the bylaws. The plaintiffs won their $3800 suit with ease.


    1. Thanks for sharing, JS. Too many people who serve on HOA boards are drunk with power, but it’s not real power. Just like no one could enforce an agreement where one party agrees to be a slave to another party, I am convinced that many HOA covenants are simply not enforceable even though the homeowner technically agrees to them upon purchase.

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  3. I like your shirt, it is the perfect color and phrasing.

    Please MORE car pictures!!! You can post more pictures of our beautiful Arizona scenery as well.

    Concerning HOA’s, I have heard too many bad stories about them to ever submit myself to their tyrannical rule. When looking for our home in Tucson in 2009 there were two hard and fast criteria: One no stairs and two, NO HOA. I know better. My wife’s late mother’s home was in an HOA subdivision and they dinged her on a small fountain in her front yard. The fountain had a girl with a pitcher pouring water. She had to remove it because the “rule” was no visible fountains with human figures. It was written that way so no one would be offended with fountains of little boys making water. I removed the “offending” fountain, took it to our house and installed it in the backyard. That way she could enjoy it whenever she visited and later after she moved in with us, which she did.

    For DDM, re your cluster phrase, I prefer the military phonetic alphabet version “Charlie Foxtrot” as it generally confuses the uninformed.


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