Thunderous Thursday

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We have had much rain this week. It’s much-needed rain, of course, but like everything else in life it comes with a price. We have experienced much flash flooding (cannot stop thinking “flush fladding,” OCD is a bitch) although I don’t think anyone has died in Arizona as a result.

The faucet will be turned off soon and we are less than two weeks away from the end of Meteorological Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. I can’t wait for late September-October.


I heard thunder in my head when I woke up this morning at 3:30 AM. My body really doesn’t like going to the dentist.

As I was being prepped for yesterday’s wisdom teeth extraction, I went into full panic mode and left buckets of sweat in the dentist chair. The nitrous didn’t help that much; in fact, at one point I thought I was losing my mind. Yeah, I know; how could I tell?

After returning home–in the middle of a downpour–I wasn’t in too much pain, but this morning it felt as if I had been hit in the mouth with a baseball bat. I am still bleeding a little, but given I take aspirin and ibuprofen (almost never in the same day) on a regular basis, that’s not surprising.

More than 30 years after I started taking ibuprofen, I am still amazed at how well it works as an analgesic, which is certainly related to its anti-inflammatory properties. No, my kidneys are not failing (at least not yet) as my BUN and Creatinine levels are always normal and they’re checked at least twice a year. Enough with the medical talk…


Continuing the pictures of pre-war cars from Monterey:



The car in the top photo is a 1931 Cadillac V-16 and the bottom picture is a 1934 Packard Twelve Roadster. Most of you don’t read the comments, you should, but Mark and I had a little dialogue about pre-war cars. We are of a similar mind in that, basically, the only era of cars we don’t want to own are those from before the Great Depression.

Also, thanks to Dirty Dingus McGee for sharing his “newfound” interest in station wagons. I am truly interested in reading about cars in which you used to have no interest, but now you do, or vice versa.






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8 thoughts on “Thunderous Thursday

  1. Arizona is desperate need of more precipitation and this year has been a Godsend. On August 1, we had a micro-burst over our house which dumped buckets and buckets of hard steady rain on our house for several hours. We were without power for over 8 hours and the internet was not back up until Monday afternoon. In our area you need to know how to get around the unbridged wash crossings to get anywhere when there is this much rain over so many days. Living is Arizona you learn new skills in order to survive.

    In Arizona it is against the law to drive around the road closure barriers to drive across a running wash. It is called the stupid motorist law. Remember just a couple of inches of running water under your tires will cause your car to hydroplane and you are no longer in control. And the hydroplaning can happen on any roadway with enough heavy rain. It is what took out Jim Clark at Hochenheim. This is for all of the non regular, less informed readers.


      1. If the gas utility cannot satisfy the demand they will start to cut off sections of their system. If that happens, then your whole-house generator will have no fuel. My plan is for a low speed diesel generator to supply the emergency panel we had installed during the house remodel which supplies the essential circuits and does not need natural gas. Diesel is generally available and if not then we make bio-diesel. All part of the preparedness plan. The power outages will become more frequent, just look at Texas this last winter. Part of that problem was caused by Federal regulation.


      2. Thanks, Philip. A natural gas powered generator would have turned our five-hour outage last month into a ten-second one. If we have electricity, but no gas then we can use our three very efficient portable room heaters. If we have neither, then we are screwed big-time, anyway.


  2. I’ve been noting the rain in Buckeye on my doorbell camera. I get a “ping” on my phone when it detects motion, in this case, the flash of lightning in the background. I also saw a video of Cave Creek running fast after the heavy rain.

    It’s been very dry here in North Dakota as well, but yesterday, we finally got a real long, if not steady, rain. The brown grass is already greener this morning and the large puddles of water have dissipated.


  3. Well, those are 2 of the most elegant cars from the 30s. I’d love to experience one of those V16s or V12s; I’m sure it’s unlike anything I’ve driven.


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