Memories Of Monterey, Part One

Despite an awful day before departure–no details forthcoming, but hopefully everyone involved has learned valuable lessons they will never forget–our trip to Monterey was most enjoyable. For my wonderful wife, the highlight was probably meeting and having a picture taken with Ant Anstead, formerly of Wheeler Dealers and For The Love Of Cars. He was most gracious. (Robert Frank of CNBC, not so much.)

Even with all of the amazing cars, the highlight for me was a half-hour conversation we had with John Kraman of Mecum and NBCSN the day before the auction began. One thing John said was that General Motors is already backtracking on its pledge to be “all-electric” by 2035 by now including hybrids in that definition. Of course, a gas-electric hybrid is not all-electric even if it’s a plug-in hybrid.

John also said that Toyota is not getting into battery-powered cars, but is putting its efforts into hydrogen-powered cars. Oh, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the shout-out John gave to us during a “#MyStarCar” segment during Thursday’s broadcast. I had submitted my wonderful wife’s car for the segment awhile ago, but it was shown last Thursday and John even mentioned us by name.

I guess it’s time for some pictures:



This is a 1963 Maserati Sebring 3500 GTI. I have always loved the styling of these Maseratis. Not all of the interesting cars were in an auction:



This beautiful Jaguar E-Type was parked not far from our hotel room. The cars that were valet parked in front of the hotel entrance were quite impressive. I will show a picture of them later this week.



This is a Jaguar XJ-220 that was, obviously, offered at the RM Sotheby’s auction. We took an Uber (my first Uber ride, by the way) to the wharf/downtown area and walked around the day before the Mecum auction started.



Russo And Steele were just setting up their auction when we visited, but this 1950 Olds 88 convertible was impossible to resist. In the same idiom, this time from the Mecum staging area/show field:



This is a 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible. Oh, I guess I still have a thing for 1955-56 Packards despite leaving the ’56 Caribbean convertible out of Ultimate Garage 3.0:



This is a 1955 Packard 400 that sold for $16,000 at the hammer or $17,600 all in, if I am not mistaken. Speaking of Ultimate Garage 3.0, if I had fully indulged myself and let 20-25 cars in, this car almost certainly would have been included:



I don’t think those wheels or roof treatment were available on the Continental Mark II, but they look good in my opinion. One last photo for today:



This is not an “ordinary” 1937 Cord; it is an armored car, supposedly ordered by the state of Louisiana. I wonder if the assassination of Huey “The Kingfish” Long in 1935 had anything to do with this car being built.

Glad to be back…







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8 thoughts on “Memories Of Monterey, Part One

  1. Good to “see” you back and glad it was an enjoyable trip. So what did you buy? 🙂

    I probably would have had to tie my hand to my waist to keep from bidding on the Packard. Sounds like a helluva deal at that price.


      1. “Didn’t buy anything, no room at the inn”

        It’s no fun when reality bites you in the butt. 😦


  2. I was a big fan of Edd China and disappointed to see him bow out, but I came to appreciate Ant’s technical skills, especially when it came to watching his skills at body repairs. Now I will miss him as well.
    I don’t know the other celebrity of whom you speak… probably a good thing. >grin<


    1. I think Wheeler Dealers missed the long-time camaraderie between Edd China and Mike Brewer; however, the two of them seemed to have developed a real rift. A segment Ant Anstead did on turbocharging on what, I believe, was the first episode aired where he was the mechanic was one of the best segments of automotive TV I have ever seen.

      The featured vehicle was the key determinant as to whether or not I watched an episode of Wheeler Dealers, or any other automotive show, for that matter. No matter how much I like looking at Cristy Lee, if the vehicle featured on All Girls Garage was a pickup truck then I didn’t watch.

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