Wednesday Wishes

When I went off to bed at 9:30 PM yesterday I told my wonderful wife that I didn’t know if I could sleep because I was so hungry. When I woke up at 1:45 AM to go to the bathroom I was unable to go back to sleep because I was so hungry. Of course, I cannot go back to sleep after eating because of my GERD, which creates awful reflux if I try to sleep on a full stomach. I wish I did not have this condition.

David Banner (not his real name) sent me the listing to this house that, according to the copy, has “garage room for 100 cars.” If my wonderful wife and I had been the only winner of the Mega Millions drawing yesterday (nobody won the big prize), we would have netted about $55 million after taxes. The asking price for this house that has been on the market almost seven months is $6.3 million. OF COURSE, I wish we had won the lottery so we would be able to afford this house and buy 10-20 cars to partially fill the garage space. Here is a picture from the listing:


House view featured at 11350 E Arabian Park Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85259


Looks like one of each of the 1953 General Motors Motorama cars to me. How about this for garage space?


Road view featured at 11350 E Arabian Park Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85259


Or this?


Property featured at 11350 E Arabian Park Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85259


Once again from the movie Diner, “If you don’t have dreams, you have nightmares.” No, I do not expect to win the lottery and wind up with some eight- or nine-figure sum of money. However, as I tell my wonderful wife all the time, “Wouldn’t that be something?”


I wish so many people were not so ignorant. Look at these graphs comparing the six states with the highest vaccination rates and their current rate of virus hospitalizations to the rates for the six states with the lowest vaccination rates.



The vaccines work, no matter what the ignoramuses think. Yes, we’re not supposed to insult or browbeat them because that won’t make them want to get vaccinated. Welcome to the Coddling States of America, the place where schools can’t fail kids for giving the wrong answers. People are needlessly being hospitalized and dying because they stubbornly refused to get vaccinated.

The “Delta Wave” could, of course, turn out to be a cloud with a silver lining. Here is something that Brian Sullivan of CNBC tweeted yesterday: “Louisiana pharma distributor contact tells me that vaccine orders have doubled in last two days and nearly tripled from last week. Expect big jump in vaccination rate over next few days…”

If somewhere down the road CDC guidance is that someone like me should get a booster shot, I will gladly do it. As regular readers know, I am hardly a political liberal, but this issue is not political.


Still can’t stop thinking about the house with the 100-car garage…







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10 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishes

  1. Those graphs say it all.
    I have zero chance of winning the lottery… I got out of the habit of buying tickets. But as Sam Spade once said, “That’s the stuff that dreams are made of.” >grin<


  2. First on the house. I wonder if any cars could be negotiated into the final price. If nothing else, could you charge rent for other car lovers who need space. Or if the lottery gets up to $300 million and you win, could you just start your own collection.

    As I have told you privately, the U.S. has been asinine in not developing TREATMENTS for COVID sequelae. Here in the land of pleasant living, despite having several first tier hospitals in the area, I do not believe there is any collaborative research. At least folks here are getting vaccinated; I wish more understood they also need to wear masks.

    Just bought my tickets for Powerball tonight. Maybe we will be back in the same state soon…


    1. Thanks, Doc. I had the same thoughts about negotiating a few cars into the purchase.

      Hope you win and buy the house. It’s hot here for 3-4 months, but the weather is great the rest of the time. Of course, if you won a large lottery jackpot you could buy a summer home in a cooler place.


  3. The biggest issue I would have with room for 100 cars is keeping them all in running/driving condition. I would end up like Jay Leno, needing a crew of 5-6 folks to keep them all ready because I WILL, like him, drive every one of them. I know how hard it’s been having a dozen or so at a time, I can’t fathom having 100 (yeah, I know, first world problem).

    Heck, I would probably even buy a couple Corvettes. 🙂


  4. I agree with Dr. Banner about treatments for the virus. There has been some use of drugs like kydroxicloroquine (SP?) and others but their use has not been widespread due to politics.

    If you can’t fill up the garage space with cars, then why not shop tools and equipment so that I could come and work on your car projects? Or better yet DDM.


    1. I’m starting to reclaim my shop. For the last couple months I have barely set foot in it after my surgery. I have poked my head in to make sure my friends haven’t trashed it, they haven’t, but thats about the extent of my using it. However I’m getting around better and need to get my gasser up on the lift for some work on the rear suspension I put in just before I went into the hospital. And I need to get the transmission back into the truck I built (it was getting hotter than I like so had a friend drop it and sent it out for some work).

      Unfortunately we are getting into the hottest time of the year, temps for the next few days are predicted to be near 100, with a heat index of 110-115.


  5. You can show people all the data you have and many will simply deny it’s truthful. As with many sayings and idioms, people in general are too dumb or lazy to understand the intended meaning, which is why they hear ‘question everything’, stop at that and figure it means be suspicious because you’re being lied to by everyone.
    Those Motorama cars are a dream come true. If they are all owned by the same person, I’d hope it was a load of fun seeking out, acquiring and maybe restoring them – though I guess writing 4 big cheques for finished cars is fun too lol.


    1. Thanks, Mark. Once again I will write the words of Louis Armstrong, “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.”

      I assume those Motoroma cars are owned by the home seller, but you know what happens when you assume. Of course, I would love to own all four of them, but that will not happen barring a huge lottery win and maybe not even then.

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