Pictures For A Tuesday

First, this picture:



Yes, I ordered the ZR1 wheels and they arrived yesterday. Of course, as is the story of my life, this endeavor was not without hiccups.

First, it took almost five weeks for the wheels to arrive after they were ordered and paid for. Second, you might be able to notice a mark on the top wheel. Yes, it is damaged right out of the box.

The company puts a three-year warranty for finish on the wheels. I don’t want to send just one wheel back for repair or replacement. Let’s see how the company handles this situation.

I am glad the wheels are here, but my enthusiasm is dampened by the circumstances.


Now, to your regularly scheduled programming:



The monsoon season is now active in Arizona. Although we haven’t received too much rain, except for June 23rd, many parts of Arizona are getting much-needed rain. That precipitation can create some beautiful cloud pictures.



This picture of a Datsun 1600 was taken at the (lightly attended) Pavilions Rock & Roll Car Show my wonderful wife and I attended recently. The car looks British to me (yes, I know it’s Japanese) and, I must say, is quite fetching. I have always had a thing for roadsters.



The fact that this diagram refers to a 7-speed automatic means this is for the initial model year of the C7, 2014. In 2015, the 8L90E automatic transmission was introduced (itself not without hiccups). The “8” in the name means 8-speed.



Hope you have enjoyed the photos. It is 50-50 that the first installment (of two) for Ultimate Garage 3.0 will be published tomorrow.






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6 thoughts on “Pictures For A Tuesday

  1. With the quality of shipping these days, I’m surprised when something shows up WITHOUT damage. Seems that at least 30% of items I have shipped, both personal and for work, show up with some type of damage. Doesn’t matter who the carrier is, UPS, USPS, Fed EX, Joe the courier, they all seem to treat the package as if it’s made of titanium and is therefore unbreakable. The rattling sound inside of the broken pieces bouncing off each other SHOULD be a clue, but never seems to be.

    Frustrating at best.


    1. Good to “hear” from you, DDM. Hope your recovery is back on track.

      What you write is no doubt true, but still an indictment of the work ethic of the average American worker.


  2. It really does ‘take the shine off’ when your anticipated delivery presents you with ‘something to deal with.’ Hopefully they make it right for you.
    We did a street festival car show a few years back, and someone we didn’t know who lived in the neighbourhood showed up in their Datsun 1600roadster. It was great talking to the owner about it. It’s like a little bit MGB, a little bit Fiat 124, but ultimately unique.
    I love when these cars you don’t often see show up at a show.


    1. Thanks, Mark. I probably shouldn’t write this, but I am fully prepared to pay someone to fix the wheel here in Arizona. I just think the company that sold me the wheels should reimburse me. I don’t think it will be a difficult fix, but it’s just irksome that it needs to be done at all.

      Seeing something rare, or even unique, is one of the top reasons I try to attend as many of these events as possible. The car culture here is orders of magnitude removed from that in the mid-Atlantic.


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