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First…this is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, posts of the year.


This is a highly idiosyncratic (can I have any other kind?!) and incomplete list of my favorite TV episodes ever. You will notice they come from just a very few series and, I admit, are highly biased in that they tend to come from series to which I have streaming and/or DVD access. I’m sure there are episodes of shows I watched in the 1970s that I really enjoyed, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what they are now. In addition, except for Family Ties, I did not watch any TV series from the late 1970s through the mid 1990s. Even now, I am not a big TV watcher.


“Unfaithful”  House

“All In”          House

“DNR”           House

“My Coffee With Niles”  Frasier

“Are You Being Served” Frasier

“Back Talk”                     Frasier

“Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey”  Taxi

“Going Home”                                Taxi

“The 43 Peculiarity”                        The Big Bang Theory

“The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis”    The Big Bang Theory

“The Only Way Out Is Through”     Transplant

“Fit For Duty”                                  Flashpoint

“Everything Old Is New Again”       ER

“The Returning”                              Resurrection

“Up And Down The Dial”                          WKRP In Cincinnati

“Doctor Fever and Mr. Tide” Parts 1 & 2  WKRP In Cincinnati

“Turkeys Away”                                         WKRP In Cincinnati

“Password”                                               The Odd Couple

“A, My Name Is Alex” Parts 1 & 2            Family Ties

“The One With Ross’s Wedding”             Friends


I’m sure that a few days or weeks from now I’ll think of some other episodes. I’m also reasonably sure I won’t bother to share them because what difference does it really make?


You wanted to see an automotive list, perhaps Ultimate Garage 3.0? Depending on circumstances, I may reveal that list next week. No points for guessing that this car will be included:


See the source image


This picture is shown here and is, of course, a DeTomaso Longchamp. Please don’t be shy about submitting your Ultimate Garage. So far, only David Banner (not his real name) has done so.







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10 thoughts on “A List For Saturday

  1. I do not have too many favorite TV episodes; however one does come to mind and I am surprised you did not list it. Frasier, Season 6, Three Valentines. The first Valentine has Niles preparing for his date and presses his suit pants which turns into a silent disaster. The whole scene is without dialogue and is hilarious. Niles at his best (?).

    We do have a couple of favorite TV series, Monk with Tony Shalhoub and the original Hawaii 5-0 with Jack Lord.

    I am still assembling my Ultimate Garage 1.0.

    Happy Independence Day! Oh, and the holiday is Independence Day not the 4th of July as that is a day on the calendar. We celebrate with BBQ pork ribs, and watch the movies “Gettysburg” and “1776”. The battle was fought on July 1, 2 & 3, 1863. Oh and Grant took Vicksburg the next day, July 4, 1863. They never celebrated Independence Day in Vicksburg, MS for many years after that.


    1. Thanks, Philip. I love the first scene with Niles and the pants. The part with Frasier and his companion is a little annoying in that the “is it a date or not?” theme is overdone, IMO.


  2. I enjoyed many of the same series you listed above, but I sure don’t know any of the episodes by name. At some point, I also quit watching regular series television. These days, I watch more TV than prior to retirement, but with a couple of exceptions, they are mostly movies and documentaries instead of series.


  3. I know you know good comedy, but this is dangerously close to a vegetarian naming his favorite steakhouse. Your list is so limited. The Elevator episode on All in the Family. The Contest on Seinfeld. Heck, the parking lot, the Chinese Restaurant, watching the marathon, and Mr. Bookman on Seinfeld. And about 50 others. And for sad moments, when Mike and Gloria moved to California, and when James died on Good Times.


    1. Television has not been very important to me since I left for college in the late 1970s and will never again be very important to me. Nevertheless, I am entitled to have and to share a list of my favorite TV episodes regardless of what anyone else thinks of the composition or length of that list. Frankly, I struggled to come up with the 20 episodes I shared.

      I prefaced the compilation by writing that it was an idiosyncratic, incomplete list with an emphasis on shows to which I have streaming and/or DVD access. Good Times? I couldn’t tell you the plot for any episode I ever watched, not that I watched that many.

      The US “entertainment complex” has long since ceased to care about my demographic. Not only do I not watch that much TV, but I have not been in a movie theater for at least 15 years and will almost certainly never be in one again. Then FCC Chairman Newton Minow called television “a vast wasteland” in 1961. I think his remark is at least as accurate today as it was then.


  4. One last thought on TV/movies. The last time I was in a movie theater was a pleasant time I spent with my brother, as we two car guys enjoyed Ford v Ferrari at Thanksgiving 2019. Paul was visiting from Dallas and since the movie was in theaters at the time we took the time to sit and enjoy the cars and racing on the big screen. The movie fare produced today is not worth watching in a theater. One other car movie I would enjoy watching is The Art of Racing in the Rain as it has cars racing and my cousin as the male lead.


  5. I must rewatch House now
    And I wish I had an ultimate garage to submit – but I don’t. Not yet


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