The Second Holocaust

Are you aware of what’s happening in the world regarding Jews? Yesterday, the Yale College Council adopted a resolution accusing Israel of genocide and apartheid. This is similar to what is happening at other US universities like the University of Chicago.

I cannot comprehend the hatefulness and flat-out lying these actions show. How is it that a terrorist/criminal group like Hamas has been able to win the PR battle? The answer must be this: most of the world has always been anti-Semitic. Social media amplifies those voices.

One of the worst POS in the world, I won’t dignify her existence by calling her by name, posted something on social media in the last day or two saying that “Zionists” were responsible for 9/11. She withdrew that post, but has not been called out by anyone in government.

What the fuck is going on? It was Hamas that literally committed thousands of war crimes by launching rockets with the sole purpose of injuring and killing civilians.

As I have written, I think Jews are a victim of their own success and other groups are insanely jealous. I also think that Israel’s existence has never been more important.


I am just going to mention, without going into great detail, that on this day in 1953 the first Corvette was completed. Total Corvette sales now exceed 1.7 million.




I am too upset to write any more today.







3 thoughts on “The Second Holocaust

  1. Marxists have always been anti-Semitic. Look at how the Russian Soviets treated their Jewish citizens. American universities have been taken over by Marxists or Marxist-leaning persons. As a result they teach Marxism and anti-Semitism. The American people and especially Christians need to rise up and speak out against the anti-Semitism and the vile hatred of the Marxists. I believe that Jews and Christians have a common bond and need to unite to protect each other from the hatred of the left. Here endeth the rant.

    I am seriously considering a Corvette for my Ultimate Garage 1.0.


    1. Thanks, Philip.

      The irony is that many anti-Semites blame Communism on Jews because Karl Marx was Jewish. Of course, Marx was the worst type of Jew, a self-hating one. I think that at least 20% of American Jews fit that category. As an American Jew, that’s an embarrassment of the highest order. I won’t get into the thinking of those “people” as I don’t want to end up tossing my keyboard against the wall.

      Another irony is that the US group that supports Israel the strongest is Evangelical Christians, not American Jews. Of course, in my opinion that’s a double-edged sword.


      1. I could go on about double-edged swords, but remember that it was David who brought a rock to the sword fight with Goliath and who won.


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