Pictures For A Saturday

Without further ado:



Partially obscured by the C5 on the left is my wonderful wife’s 2018 Corvette in Z51 spec and 3LT trim. The beautiful exterior color is Watkins Glen Gray Metallic.



IF I were to acquire a C6 Corvette, which is highly unlikely, I would get one in this color, Atomic Orange.



Hope you enjoyed the pictures.





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11 thoughts on “Pictures For A Saturday

  1. Nice!

    Yellow/orange is for rain slickers, not cars. The human eye is most sensitive to the yellow/green color spectrum, which is why green is a soothing color to look at and yellow is for rain slickers so you can be SEEN by oncoming traffic. When it rains stay alert for the yellow rain slickers of my dear friends in law enforcement.


  2. Very nice, and rare, AMC “Machine.” A friend in high school had one in brown and it beat up many a supposed faster car. It had the benefit of the highest HP output, 340, of any AMC offering, including the AMX.


    1. Thanks, DDM. Hope you’re improving steadily.

      This show, that happens the second Saturday of every month, is a great example of the car culture here. Yes, there are many Ferraris and Corvettes, but also some cars like the Rebel Machine. A Jensen-Healey is a “regular” at this event. I’ve seen an original Renault Alpine. I/we really enjoy it.


      1. I guess I’m improving. It’s still a learning curve, especially now with this wound vac attached. Gotta wear it for 4-6 weeks, with visits to the wound care clinic to have the tube and container replaced twice a week. (large sigh)

        But I’m still looking down at the grass, not up at it, so it’s all good. Thanks for asking.

        I remember when I spent the winter in Phoenix 3 1/2 years ago, there were a few “Cars and Coffee” type events that we were able to attend. Always was an interesting selection of iron at them. I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks to be able to get back out to my shop and get doing some work on my iron. I doubt I’ll be in a position to participate in my normal activities, but holding down various couches and chairs is already starting to get old. For someone who is/was used to being busy/active for 17-18 hours a day, this is like death by a thousand cuts.


      2. It’s easy for me to write, “Be patient,” especially since patience and I are strangers.

        Without divulging details, our family is dealing with a serious medical situation that is not going to end well. It’s not prudent for me to write more. I hope your recovery is complete even if it’s not as swift as you would like.


  3. Tell your lovely wife, that we continue to do our part on this end in Tucson.

    My friend, Brian, at So-Cal Arizona has a hot rod car show there on the Second Saturday of every month. They serve doughnuts until they are gone.

    “It’s easy for me to write, “Be patient,” especially since patience and I are strangers.” Well said, as it applies to me and many others as well.

    DDM, I am glad to hear you are on the mend. Stay safe and you could at least plan what you need to do in the shop when you are better.

    I go to my ophthalmologist on Friday next for a refraction and then new glasses and I’m back to being a driver again after my cataract surgeries.


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