I Couldn’t Stay Away Throwback Thursday

Those of you who picked two days off in the pool can collect your money. Yes, I had originally written that I would take three (maybe four) days off, but I simply had to write today.


From Jake Novak, formerly of CNBC:


“If you call Israel an “occupier,” you are either a liar or an ignoramus…although these days, most people saying this are both.”


Novak is not one who often uses pejoratives. It is frightening to me that so many people side with a terrorist/criminal organization like Hamas and spurn the only democracy in the Middle East. I think that simply reveals anti-Semitism has always been prevalent, but sometimes less visible. Like the people who voted for Tonald Drump in 2016 or were pro-Brexit, but didn’t admit that to pollsters before those elections, people who are really anti-Semites sometimes hide their views. They’re still wrong, whether their views are overt or covert.


I have been receiving an increasing number of links in my email to articles about the C4 Corvette. It seems as though interest in the newest generation Corvette, the C8, has increased interest in all Corvettes. First, some C4 photos and then proof that I have spent too much time with The Genuine Corvette Black Book and have way too much time on my hands.


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Courtesy of Corvette Blogger a picture of a 1984 Corvette, the first year of the C4. The ’84 Vette used the same “Cross-Fire” fuel injection used in the last year of the C3, 1982. No, there was no 1983 model year Corvette. Get over it…


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Sorry for the different picture size…from an unsecured site a picture of a 1990 Corvette convertible with the auxiliary hardtop. Thirty-one percent of ’90 Vette convertibles were sold with the auxiliary hardtop. In the same way, I guess, that I love the look of the C2 convertible with the hardtop in place, I feel the same way about the C4.


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From FastLaneCars.com a picture of a 1996 Corvette, the last year of the C4. Here is that proof I mentioned earlier:


1984 51,547 0 $21,800 N/A 205 205 87.5%
1985 39,729 0 $24,403 N/A 230 230 75.9%
1986 35,109 7,315 $27,027 $32,032 230 235 80.5%
1987 30,632 10,625 $27,999 $33,172 240 240 86.0%
1988 22,789 7,407 $29,489 $34,820 240 245 81.2%
1989 26,412 9,749 $31,545 $36,785 245 245 84.4%
1990 23,646 7,630 $31,979 $37,264 250 375 65.7%
1991 20,639 5,672 $32,455 $38,770 245 375 71.5%
1992 20,479 5,875 $33,635 $40,145 300 375 73.2%
1993 21,590 5,692 $34,595 $41,195 300 405 75.3%
1994 23,330 5,346 $36,185 $42,960 300 405 74.2%
1995 21,590 5,692 $36,785 $43,665 300 405 75.3%
1996 21,536 4,369 $37,225 $45,060 300 330 70.5%
TOTAL 359,028 75,372          


For the Top HP I did not show the Callaway Twin-Turbo cars that were available from 1987 to 1991, inclusive, because that was not a factory-installed option. It was a potent engine, though; for example, the 1988 Callaway Twin-Turbo was rated at 382 HP and 562 LB-FT of torque. The top factory engine was 245 HP/340 LB-FT.

For the nth plus nth time I will write that I was not a fan of C4 Corvettes for a long time, until I was. I think if you can buy one, especially one from 1992 or later, or even better, from 1995 or 1996, then you probably should.

All of this data comes from a spreadsheet I made years ago using information from The Genuine Corvette Black Book. Like I wrote, too much time…

I used to frequent the message boards of a certain car “publication,” in large part as a way to drive traffic to my blog. When it was announced that the C8 would not be offered with a traditional manual transmission, many readers commented that was the death knell of the Corvette, that Vette drivers preferred a manual. When I commented that more Corvettes have been sold with automatics every model year since 1972, the silence was deafening. Yes, never let the facts get in the way of your opinions…sounds like anti-Semites. You can see that automatics accounted for more than 70 percent of C4 production every year except 1990.

Hemmings currently has 84 1992-96 Corvettes listed for non-auction sale. Twenty-three of these cars have an asking price of less than $15,000. I suspect prices for C4 Corvettes have increased along with the price of virtually all used cars, in the wake of the damn virus and chip shortage that have choked production of new cars, and the renewed interest in all Corvettes.

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6 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Stay Away Throwback Thursday

  1. Good to see you back.

    C4’s are probably the best “bargain” Corvette at the moment. Still not ready to pull the trigger on one, and given my current status, possibly never. I came home Wednesday eve, but for now ANY driving is out of the question, as is me working on any of my vehicles. At the moment the only vehicle I can comfortably get in and out of is my mini van, but for now as a passenger only.

    But at least I’m looking down at the grass and not up at it, so things are good for now.


    1. Good to see YOU back, DDM. If you don’t mind sharing, what did the doctors tell you before you were released?

      Yes, C4s are a great entry point into the Corvette market, but there may be no good entry points much longer as all Corvette values are increasing. Someone who should know told me I could sell my 2016 Z06 for $10k more than I paid for it. Of course, I have no interest in selling although almost everything has a price.

      Please take care of yourself, sir.


  2. “what did the doctors tell you before you were released?”

    Firstly that I was extremely lucky. With the way my sugar was and the amount of infection in my blood, I was maybe 5 days away from being in ICU or worse. Still uncertain as to what caused the infection, the sugar is possibly hereditary. Right now they are trying to control the sugar with diet and Metformin, 1000 mg daily. Once things get evened out and I relearn what I can and cant eat, make adjustments as needed. I’m taking a couple of antibiotics orally for the infection which seems to be holding at a good level (white BC was 11,800 when I was released). Right now with the open wound, approx 16 centimeters long, clean and change bandage, and repack, as needed but at least every 48 hours. The giant blister (thankfully popped before I left the hospital) on my foot pretty much the same.

    All in all, I have a fairly long healing period from the surgery, the doctor is estimating 6-8 weeks before I can regain 75% of my normal movement, given the location( upper thigh approx 10MM from the transition to my pelvic area). The sugar should be fairly easy as I haven’t been a big “sweets” eater. Certain other foods that are an issue. breads and pasta and similar, I had already cut way back on last year. Taters on the other hand…… I do like me some taters. According to the dietician I spoke with at the hospital I could have 6-8 ounces of potato’s per day without issue. (happy dance if I could dance).

    All in all, I suspect I’m going to become more familiar with my bed and couch than I really want. Travel is out, motorcycle also, and limited time on my feet for a fair bit.

    But still better than feeding the buzzards.


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