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As I get older, my inhibitions diminish. Yesterday, walking from my car to the supermarket I passed another C7 Z06 in the parking lot. I noticed the driver was in the car, but the ignition was off. Ten years ago I would have never done this–and certainly not in the mid-Atlantic–but I knocked on the drivers side window. The driver rolled down the window and I pointed to the Z06 logo on the shirt I was wearing. Turns out Mike is a very successful businessman who has owned a lot of nice cars.

Our conversation only lasted about five minutes, but he invited me and my wonderful wife (I told him she also has a Corvette) to a little Corvette gathering. That gathering was this morning and below are some pictures. Oh, I am really disappointed that in the last 2-3 days almost all of my readers have disappeared and no one is commenting. If I had been writing a blog ten years ago I probably wouldn’t have mentioned that, either.



I don’t know if you can tell, it wasn’t easy trying to get all eight cars in the picture, but that is one of every Corvette generation. The C5 pictured might have been the only one at the event. Lots of C7s and C8s, though, and more C1s and C2s than I have seen in awhile.



This 1954 Corvette is owned by a nice man named Frank, originally from New York, who has owned the car for 30 years. In his book, 1001 Corvette Facts, Steve Magnante broke the C1 generation into two chapters. The first for 1953-55 and the second for 1956-62. Here is what I sometimes call a C1B Corvette, I think from 1957:



The cars are different enough in appearance to be called C1A and C1B, in my opinion, even though they shared the same chassis.

I guess I didn’t take as many photos as I thought and some of the ones I took are not usable here for many reasons. A tangent…I don’t know how the readers who don’t comment feel about the non-automotive content. In these times of turmoil and polarization I don’t know if such content is an asset or a liability. I feel strongly about some issues, such as Israel’s right to defend itself against rocket attacks (like, duh, that’s the right of every sovereign country), but I don’t know how much the “silent” readers want to read my take on non-automotive issues. Yes, it’s my blog and I can write what I want, but I don’t want to write in a vacuum.

Not that I don’t want to read comments by those who regularly submit them, but I would like to read comments from those who read and have never commented. Thanks.






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6 thoughts on “Sunday Supplement

  1. So glad you knocked on his window! And I love to read anything you write. Because you are a prolific writer with opinions 😊


  2. A Corvette GOF (Gathering of the Faithful). Cool!!
    I have been quiet on social media and in reading the blogs I follow as I am on deployment for Civil Air Patrol. We are on an exercise and I’ve been putting in 12-hour days on duty.
    Rest assured, my friend, that I will eventually catch up.


    1. Thanks, JS. Frankly, I envy your deployment. It’s not that I want to do that, specifically, but that I would like to be more occupied doing something of worth.


  3. I believe I’m fairly outgoing but I don’t really go so far as the knock on a window. My cousin I do car shows with is much more that type – always ready to make new friends. I will admit, it is a good way to find new car shows though lol.
    As I say, I’m lagging in my posting. Between a few short deadline work projects, and a lot of yard work (including a couple days devoted to a temperamental lawnmower), I haven’t even finished reading a book in weeks. Maybe with vaccines available and the weather, folks are trying to catch up on all that outside time we’ve been missing.


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