Sunrise Drive

As I write this at about 4:45 AM local time, a little bit of light appears in the eastern sky. It’s too dark, though, for me to get a good photo. “Sunrise” today is 5:33 AM here.

I don’t know why I have become so enamored of the early morning. When I was younger, say a teenager, I suspect I was like most in my age group in that, if left to my own devices like in the summer, I would stay up late–e.g. 3 AM–and sleep late, e.g. noon.

I do know that sometime in the very near future I will get in the Z06 and drive to one of my favorite spots to get an early morning view of the mountains east of here. On one of the major east-west roads there is a crest about 600 feet higher in elevation than where we live from which one has an amazing mountain view, including a view of Four Peaks, which is well known in this area. I hope I will be able to pull off to the side of the road, safely, and take some pictures.


I am closer to getting my Z06 “upgraded.” The shop owner has agreed (graciously, in my opinion; others might say he simply doesn’t want to refuse any job) to do whatever work he can given my budget instead of saying, “This is what it costs. Take it or leave it.”

I will almost certainly wait until after the expiration of the powertrain warranty in late July. Better safe than sorry and, besides, if the shop is booked 8-10 weeks out, ten weeks from today is July 15 (my marvelous mom’s birthday). What’s another two weeks after that? (Famous last words…)

Although I am a bit anxious about this, I am also excited. I hope to learn just how much HP/Torque was added by the work done by the shop in the mid-Atlantic before we moved. I am also excited about the HP and torque for my car to begin with an “8.”







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8 thoughts on “Sunrise Drive

  1. Good luck on the upgrade! I’ll be looking forward to hear how it went.

    It’s my normal time to buy a new vehicle, but with 2020 behind us, I’ve not got the usual miles on my car that I normally have. I did have to put on a pair of tires due to picking up a nail in the sidewall, so they are on the drive wheels now, and it’s been long enough that I need to consider new rear tires. I didn’t plan to spend the money on tires if I would be upgrading in a few weeks.

    Today, I am off to the tire store to get an evaluation to determine if I need a new pair now, or if I can wait some more. I’ve postponed buying a new vehicle until next year.


  2. I’m guessing by your post about the shop you will be employing, that they have a dyno to verify the improvements. If thats the case, thats a good thing. While modern computers are good, there can be tweaks made to extract even better performance using the dyno. I know when I’ve made major changes on some of my vehicles, I’ve used a semi local shop that has a chassis dyno that is able to handle up to 3,000 hp (they claim).

    I have been a morning person most all my life, at least the working part of it. Even in my “white collar” days, I worked closely with many “blue collar” trades, so had to adapt to their schedules. Now, 40 years later, it’s mostly habit.


    1. Yes, DDM, they have a dyno and will do “Before” and “After” runs. I don’t know if they will do one run post-work, do some tweaking and then do another dyno run.


  3. Morning people get to experience the new day before the rest of the world awakens to screw it up. I have been a morning person since high school when my morning paper route required me to be up early to pickup, fold and deliver the morning paper to the neighborhood. When I worked for the public utility I had to be at work at 8:00 am at the engineering office 30 miles away in North Phoenix at least an hour away. When Daylight time struck the rest of the nation stupid, the office changed the start time to 7:00 am so we could interact with the power plant located in New Mexico on Daylight time. Again, I was a morning person and I still am usually up by 5:00 now.

    Four Peaks is an excellent view especially from the Beeline Highway. It is also the namesake of a local craft brewer, Four Peaks Brewing Company. You might like their Kiltlifter Scottish Ale. It is my favorite brew. Even though they have been bought by the Busch brewing conglomerate, their products are still excellent and now more available.

    I’m looking forward to hear about the results of your upcoming power upgrade. to the Z06.


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