Wouldn’t You Know…

Relating to yesterday’s post…despite her mother not being able to attend as originally planned, my wonderful wife spent much of yesterday at a “Vintage Market” featuring jewelry, antiques, etc. for sale. Left to my own devices I decided to drive to the local Gateway Classic Cars dealership. Wouldn’t you know that I stumbled onto a car show after deciding against attending one earlier in the day?

I was the only person outside wearing a mask, which brought all sorts of looks from the attendees. Inside the dealership itself, where masks were supposed to be mandatory, I would estimate only about half of the people were wearing one. Maybe in another month when more people have been vaccinated–although I detected a strong whiff of anti-government anti-vaxxers at this event–I will stop wearing a mask outside.

Without further ado, four photos from yesterday:



I just love that color and the stripes. By the way, convertibles now account for 41 percent of C8 production although I honestly couldn’t tell if this car was a convertible or a coupe with the top removed. I didn’t like the looks I was getting from the driver or those seated nearby so I decided not to hang around the car to find out.



That first row with two Lincoln Continentals, an early Monte Carlo and the beautiful Bonneville convertible was quite impressive.



An idiosyncratic favorite of mine, a Pontiac Fiero. This 1987 model is a GT equipped with the 2.8 liter V6 engine. I think these are great looking cars although I readily admit poorly executed and not good performers in stock trim.



On the left is a 1964 Studebaker Avanti. On the right is a 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk. 1956 was the first model year for the Hawk series, which saw numerous changes through its end as the Gran Turismo Hawk in 1964. The asking price for the Golden Hawk, of which 4,356 were produced that year, is $51,000.

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13 thoughts on “Wouldn’t You Know…

  1. It pleases me to say that here in Maryland, the looks you got from the nonmaskers are the same people get for being a nonmasker. Kids are playing sports while wearing a mask.


    1. Thanks, “BB.” People like to call Arizona a “purple” state, but to me it’s like two different states sharing the same space. I’m sure that at some other type of event, my decision not to wear a mask would have been met with the same derision my decision to wear one received yesterday.


  2. The Avanti is definitely a 64. Early production units had the round headlight bezels in 64 but only 64’s had the square bezels.

    The Gateway franchise here in metro Atlanta has the same type of show. It’s not really “local” for me, approx 85 miles away. I have been to the store, however, and they have a nice selection of vehicles for sale. They are quite proud of them based on the prices.


    1. Thanks, DDM. I realized my mistake about the Avanti this afternoon and fixed it.

      I think many of their cars are sold on consignment so if the owner wants a ridiculous price, then that’s the price.


  3. I like the Fiero. I’d put an LS V8 engine in one if I could shoehorn myself into the cockpit. And of course more brakes.

    Children playing sports outside should NOT be wearing a mask. Science tells us the sunlight kills the virus and the children are not carriers of the virus. Sooner rather than later you should be able to go without a mask, just keep your distance. I do not wear a mask on my morning walks outside through the neighborhood. Neither do any of the few neighbors who I encounter. Fear not the virus outside now.


    1. Thanks, Philip. As a diabetic Ashkenazi Jew in his 60s I can’t be too careful. I know being outside and “distanced” AND vaccinated makes it relatively safe to go without a mask. Still…


  4. Here, it’s still very much the non-maskers who get the disapproving looks. The caveat of course is individuals or couples out for a walk, or people jogging, kids in playgrounds, that type of thing.
    As you might guess, I enjoy the photos. The Arizona scenery, the cars, I think they’re a nice visual break and add a little extra subject matter.


  5. Wow, I didn’t realize how far behind in my blog reading that I was.
    Regarding the unmasking of America, on our journey back to North Dakota, we are seeing many places where the signs of masks required are being completely ignored. Being vaccinated, I have less fear of the virus, but I will still honor signs that say masks are required. I guess I can call anyone who doesn’t honor those signs a “maskhole.” 🙂


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