To Sirius Or Not To Sirius

OK, I am playing with Shakespeare’s line at the beginning of the famous soliloquy from Hamlet. I am also playing with the homophones/heterographs of serious/Sirius and to/too.

The trial subscription for Sirius/XM expired in our Cadillac ATS. We have no intention, at present, to renew. I am also seriously (get it) considering letting the subscription expire in my Z06.

I have hundreds of songs on my iPhone (all of which I know I like, that’s why they’re on my phone) and can play them in my car via Bluetooth. The only Sirius/XM channel I use is Sixties on Six and that’s usually when my wonderful wife accompanies me. Honestly, I have never forgiven them for dropping the Beyond Jazz channel after the Sirius/XM merger. Given people are paying for the service, you can’t provide some non-mainstream channels?!

I know JS has Sirius/XM, but how about the rest of you? If you have it, how much do you listen to it? Have any of you cancelled the service?


Originally, I was going to call today’s post “Surprise! Frugal Friday!” The post would have shown a Frugal Friday find or two. As I have written, though, I feel that my automotive universe has become too narrow for these posts to have any originality or usefulness. I mean, I don’t give a sh*t about a Toyota Camry or a Ford F-150.

I think I have shown more than enough C4/C5/C6 Corvettes, so even though I consider them to be great bargains what’s the point of showing them every week? Even though I did show Ferraris in March, 2019 and February, 2020, I don’t really think a Frugal Ferrari or low-cost Lamborghini exist.

That being said, I am going to show an interesting car that is not too expensive, in my opinion. Although the car to be written up is from AutoTrader, this picture is from


See the source image


In case you don’t remember (or even if you do), AutoTrader is very aggressive at breaking picture links so I don’t show any photos captured from their website. The AutoTrader example of an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante is a 2002 model (like the one pictured, I hope) in Gray over Black, has a V-12 engine, 35,000 miles and an asking price of $18,999.

Yes, Aston maintenance is expensive even if you don’t take the car to a dealer. Still, a V-12 Aston convertible for under 20 grand sounds really good to me. Since Ford owned Aston Martin from 1991 to 2007, I wonder if you could get this car serviced at a Ford dealer.

I would really like to read your opinions of this car, Frugal Friday or any other topic. Thanks.







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12 thoughts on “To Sirius Or Not To Sirius

  1. I have had Sirius radio since 2006. I listen to 70s and 80s and the comedy stations. As well as Howard Stern whom I have listened to since about 1982. I have found that if you want a better deal, cancel and they usually will give you one.


    1. Thanks, “BB.” I threatened to cancel the subscription for my Z06 last time and received a huge discount. It’s not the money, though; I really don’t get much out of Sirius/XM.


  2. I do not pay for radio listening services in the car. It goes against my miserly thinking. Various television services are another matter altogether.


  3. We have Sirius/XM in both our vehicles and love it. I mostly listen to Deep Tracks or Classic Vinyl. Deep Tracks can get off on some pretty weird tangents, but it’s usually good stuff that you don’t hear elsewhere.


  4. I let my subscription to Sirius expire a couple years ago. I mainly used it on long trips and am cutting back on the work related ones. The main reason though? Like non subscription radio, repetitive playing of songs. My main channels were Outlaw Country and Bluegrass and there just wasn’t the variety I wanted in a 12 hour stint driving.

    As I’ve been downloading my old vinyl collection to digital, I now use it more in my travels via Bluetooth players. If I’m driving in my local metro area, I use the songs stored in my iPotato so that I can run a 511 app that will override with traffic alerts.

    (and I remember being excited about an 8 track player in my first car)


  5. Seems like a bargain for that Aston Martin, but as you note, the devil is in the details of maintenance costs. Still, it’s a classy car just judging from the appearance in your image.


    1. Thanks, JS. My wonderful wife and I are both big Aston fans although I doubt one will ever grace our garage. I don’t think any make has consistently made cars that look as good as Aston Martin.

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  6. I got my 2013 Fusion in 2018 with the free trial to Sirius. I was never able to find anything I liked enough, I’m positive it’s because they throttle the available channels to sample.
    Sirius doesn’t grab me because it’s not Netflix, if you follow. No Netflix doesn’t have every last program or movie. But from the library I can choose the movie or series I want to see, plus pause and pick up again when I want. But Sirius is still whatever they program, like any radio station. Granted, you can get those stations everywhere, and they have a large and varied number of targeted stations. But it’s not Spotify where you build your own playlists etc.


    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Mark. Admittedly, my musical tastes are VERY far from mainstream. Still, XM used to have a channel that catered to me and people like me, but the channel was discontinued after the merger with Sirius. I still don’t understand; people are paying for the service. You can’t have a few channels that are not mainstream music?!

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