10,000 Miles, A Confession And More Pictures

I was lucky in that I was able to be at a red light when this picture opportunity presented itself:



Yep, 10,000 miles on my Z06. You are reading the speedometer correctly; it peaks at 220 MPH. I don’t think the car can go quite that fast, but I bet it could reach 205-210 MPH. Of course, I will never drive it anywhere near that fast.

Reaching 10,000 miles in total means I have driven the car 5,600 miles since acquiring it and about 1,800 miles since moving to Arizona. Tomorrow is 22 weeks that we moved into our house here.



OK, I never know if these audio or video files will work until I publish the post. If this works, please feel free to skip the first 30 seconds. Yes, that is my car as the last of the three #mystarcar cars in this segment shown on the Mecum broadcast on Thursday. My confession is that I have rejoined the world of Twitter (handle of @Boulders2021).

My main reason for opening another Twitter account is the no doubt futile hope that I can use the platform to drive traffic to the blog. I am following far fewer people than the first time I was on Twitter; I want to avoid getting sucked into flame wars and avoid seeing things in my feed I don’t want to see. Being able to “participate” in the Mecum broadcasts in albeit a very small way is a very small reason I decided to rejoin the platform.


OK, some more photos of the scenery around here, man-made and nature-made:



Yes, the Jaguar F-Type is dirty, but still an incredibly beautiful car.



Can you see the metallic finish on this yellow Lambo? I did the best I could under the circumstances.



Is this car worth roughly $400,000? Of course, that depends on the person.



As “johnbo” points out in his blog, if your browser lets you then you can enlarge these photos for better viewing. You can do the same on a mobile device although the pics won’t look the same on a 6-inch screen as they do on a 20-inch.

As my fount of prose runs dry, I suspect I will show more photos for the rest of the time I am blogging. I guess a million words will not be reached before I end this blog.









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OK, I screwed up big-time today. I originally published this post with a typo in the post title AND in the URL. I guess we’ll see how that affects readership.




5 thoughts on “10,000 Miles, A Confession And More Pictures

  1. As I get older and older, and the world becomes more and more disappointing, I have to say that the Ghost would not be worth it. Not the price, but the cost of ownership: the hassles with where could you drive it without attracting attention, the morons looking to take you down a peg by keying your car or worse, or the cop who questions if you own the car. I have seen with increasing frequency articles about not displaying your wealth. And recently there was a shooting in California where some guy decided to wear a $500,000 watch yo lunch and a bystander got shot when he would not give up the watch. Give me a Lexus or a top of the line Genesis-and I’ll spend the rest on Wilson Audio speakers and a Dan D’Agostino preamp/amp setup in the privacy of my own home.


    1. Thanks, Doc. When all the entertainment “industry” does is to vilify the wealthy, when politicians like Crash and Bern(ie), Angry Fauxcohontas and Schmocasio Schmortez vow to soak the rich, people will seek revenge on the wealthy failing to understand how hard most of them have had to work to achieve success. EIGHTY percent of American millionaires are first-generation millionaires, meaning they didn’t inherit their wealth.


  2. Congrats on that 15 seconds of video fame. You have an eye for the beauty of the desert in those images.
    I peddle my blog on Twitter and Facebook both. I don’t know if Twitter helps much in building my audience, but I know that Facebook has added to my readership. I, too, avoid flame wars, completely ignoring politics and other controversial topics. I’ve learned that there is no point to the attempt to change people’s mind. >grin<


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