Take Solace In Small Comforts

Yesterday I had my fifth and final visit of the month at the Mayo Clinic. My appointment time was 2:45, but I was able to speak with the first of the two doctors with whom I would interact at 2:25. That’s a small comfort.

The specialist (the second doctor) overseeing my care informed me I do have two minor physiological abnormalities that are likely the source of the symptoms that have plagued me for years. (He didn’t say anything about my psychological abnormalities. I guess he was being kind. πŸ˜‰) He said that I as long as I am asymptomatic, like I am now, there’s nothing to worry about. He also assured me that if I became symptomatic again, he would be happy to investigate further. In essence, he said mine was not a serious situation, which, of course, is of some comfort.

With my genome and history I can never take my health for granted. Of course, no one really should. Still, I think I can relax a bit, at least for a little while.


Here is something I never thought I’d see:



That’s not exactly what you might think it is. It’s actually a picture of a 1:18 scale model of a Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk on eBay. Don’t ask me why I was looking for this, but I found it. As one might suspect, these are not readily available and, apparently, often sell quickly. They’re also not cheap, selling for between $200 and $300.

I am too old for car models, right? When I was young I used to build models, usually of jet fighters but sometimes of automobiles. When watching the Barrett-Jackson and Mecum auctions on TV, the hosts will on occasion refer to either a past or current “toy” model of a car on the block.

It’s not like my office is a blank canvas with lots of space for knick-knacks, either. In our Arizona home, my office space is smaller than it was in our home in the mid-Atlantic. I have yet to find the space to display many items. Still, I have to admit I am very tempted. I guess I should take solace in the fact that I can probably buy this if I want to.






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10 thoughts on “Take Solace In Small Comforts

  1. I am glad that you have some comfort in your health diagnosis I hope that all continues to be well. Although you do have an acute case of Automobilia. Just go for the Studebaker scale model, less maintenance than the real one.


  2. I used to build models as a kid… also mostly airplanes. I grew up in an area where slot cars were popular at the time. I built and raced them on the public tracks where one could rent time on the circuit, though I was seldom “in the winner’s circle.” Your model reminded me of those days, some of my favorite times as a kid.


  3. Good to hear you will continue to cheat the buzzards out of a meal for a while longer. πŸ™‚

    I also spent many an hour building models, mostly cars. Perhaps those hours spent inhaling the glue fumes, might explain some of the *twitch* issues I have *shudder* had over the years. My model building efforts dropped dramatically once I got my first dirt bike, which also coincided with the discovery that maybe girls really DIDN’T have cooties.

    Been a downward spiral ever since. πŸ™‚


  4. Both my wife and I have been seeing too many doctors of late. I’ll not bore you with the details.

    As a kid and even now I build models, automobiles, planes and ships. I currently have a plastic model of the U. S. S. Constitution under construction. I’ll work on it more once my eyes are fixed and I can see without clouds.

    Time to go play in the dirt and do some gardening.

    Stay healthy and do as the doctors direct.


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