Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the Birthday Twins: my wonderful wife and my sweet sister! They call each other “BT,” short for Birthday Twin.


While total blog views declined a bit yesterday compared to Friday, views of Where Is Cristy Lee? increased again, by 40 percent compared to Friday and were 25 times the average daily number of views for that post for the week ending March 23rd, the day before the Barrett-Jackson broadcasts began. I guess I should be grateful for the increase in readers, but don’t want the blog to be a one-trick pony. That being said, here is a picture of Cristy Lee I don’t think has been shown before on this blog.



Speaking of Barrett-Jackson:



The highlight of the recently completed auction was the sale of a 427 Cobra Super Snake owned by Carroll Shelby himself. The car was fitted with twin superchargers and with an automatic transmission, I might add. I don’t know whether he was genuinely interested or whether it was for show, but at one point Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson actually left the podium and moved to the auction block in order to bid on the car. The car hammered for $5 million and was not sold to Jackson.

Apparently, this was the third time this particular car was consigned to a Barrett-Jackson auction. Each time the car hammered for $5 million. I told my wonderful wife that if I could afford it I would have tried to buy that car. Only two of these were ever made and this is the only one left.

To quote Morey Amsterdam, money may not buy happiness, but with it you can be miserable in comfort. Actually, I think money can buy happiness in most ways that word can be defined, although perhaps not in every way.








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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

  1. I cannot afford $5 million for that original Shelby Cobra. If I were to own a Cobra it would probably be one of the Factory Five Mark IV replicas with a Ford Racing crate motor of the Windsor 427 displacement variety and a TKO five speed transmission. My second choice would be to buy Herbie Hancock’s original Cobra (ha ha). He owns and still drives one of the original Cobras with the 260 cubic inch small blocks, the slab sided original body. Jay Leno featured an interview with the jazz great and took a ride in the car on Jay’s show “Jay Leno’s Garage”.

    Happy Birthday to your lovely wife and your sister from your wife’s cousin and her spouse (me).


    1. Very few people can afford Carroll Shelby’s Super Snake Cobra. I remember the Leno segment with Herbie Hancock and his Cobra. I like the small block Cobras, too.


  2. I’ll add my “signature” from a couple forums I frequent;

    Money may not buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Cadillac than on a bicycle.


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