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Apparently, many people still hadn’t/haven’t heard that Cristy Lee is no longer part of the broadcasts of the Barrett-Jackson auctions. The first telecast of the current auction taking place in Scottsdale, Arizona aired yesterday on fyi (not on its former long-time TV home, Motor Trend/Velocity) and the post Where Is Cristy Lee? received its highest number of views in some time.

She has not appeared on a Barrett-Jackson broadcast since October, 2019. Yes, last year’s schedule was disrupted because of the damn virus. I’m not even going to show a picture of the lovely Ms. Lee.


From time to time I use information from the site 365 Days of Motoring in this blog. I do not like that the site is not secure, nor do I like the fact that I often cannot corroborate the “facts” there anywhere else.

For example, the site claims that the Saturn Sky was unveiled to the media on this day in 2005. However, many sources–such as Wikipedia–claim the Sky concept car was first shown at the 2005 North American International Auto Show, which used to be held in Detroit every January.

Anyway…I will use any reason to show and to write about the Sky. From The Pontiac Solstice Book by Gary Witzenburg–a book that is, quite frankly, a PR piece from General Motors–a picture of the Saturn Sky:



This is one of the few cars that I do not see more often here than back in the mid-Atlantic. I don’t know if part of the explanation is that the Sky and the Solstice were built not too far from where we used to live.

I like the way the Solstice looks, but I love the way the Sky looks. Although both cars were built on the same platform with the same drivetrain, they shared no exterior sheet metal. As almost everyone reading this knows, I think GM should have given Buick an updated and upgraded version of the Solstice/Sky as a halo car. As some of you may know, my wife test-drove a Sky (and many other cars) before she bought her Lexus SC430 in March, 2007. (Fourteen years ago?!?!)

The car she drove was not in Red Line spec and, frankly, the interior felt cheap. Still, it handled well and was decently comfortable although the interior was also a tad smaller than optimal.

Once again, I lament the virtual disappearance of cars like this from the automotive marketplace. Thirty percent of American households consist of married couples living without children compared to twenty percent being married couples living with children. That doesn’t even count the single-person households.

A car like this could even be fitted with a hybrid drivetrain like the BMW i8. A small displacement (1.6-1.8 liter) turbocharged 4-cylinder engine could be coupled with electric motors to give the car electric-only capability AND a potent power-to-weight ratio when fully engaged. Yes, I know; no one is listening to me.

We would like to read your thoughts on the Sky/Solstice, two-seat roadsters, “power” hybrids or anything else that’s relevant.







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4 thoughts on “Have You Heard?

  1. I think the Sky/Solstice twins were a final stab by the General at a sports car. I would suspect that they received a negative bias based on GM’s past 1/2 assed efforts at sports cars.

    I guess the reason they never much appealed to me, I’m not really a sports car kind of guy. The closest to a sports car I own would be my 2 Shelby Chargers and my recently sold Dodge Steath. I’ve always been more into big ole pot walloping, stomp a mud hole in your carcass and walk it dry, V-8’s. The type engine that was only used in the early fifties in sports cars like Allard’s, Cunningham’s and Kurtis’s. If however someone were to gift me, or sell cheaply, one of the 3 listed, I would certainly BECOME a sports car fan.

    And while I’m at it, I want a pony also. 🙂

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  2. I like the looks of this car, but found it too small for my taste.
    Just got back from Barrett-Jackson and saw the changing face of the auto industry in power plants. So many electric vehicles on display.
    Ford is showing an electric Mustang with a 1400 HP power plant. Interesting look of the power plant under the hood. This is a race car, so no customer amenities inside, but that power plant sure looked to be all business!

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