A Very Mixed Bag

At noon local time on Tuesday, the minimum age for registering for a COVID-19 vaccine was lowered to 55 in this state. A limited number of vaccine appointments were made available, first on the state’s Department of Health Services website.

All of those appointments were gone by 2 PM. Amazingly, I was able to snag one for myself, for next Friday at 6:15 AM. State Farm Stadium, one of the public vaccination sites, is open 24/7 when they have vaccine supply.

Very unfortunately, I was unable to get an appointment for my wonderful wife. Later, I tried the website of the national pharmacy chain where we had secured appointments for her parents, but with no luck. All vaccine appointments are currently booked. So much for vaccine hesitancy, huh?

I have continued my efforts to get her an appointment, but it seems as though no more new appointments will be available for awhile. I am very conflicted about being able to get a vaccine while my wonderful wife cannot.

I know supply is still somewhat constrained, but this is an unfortunate turn of events, a very mixed bag, if you will. I was hoping to get both of us signed up with the national pharmacy chain and then I would have cancelled my state appointment. The best laid plans of mice and men…


Those who sympathize with the cause of the “Palestinians” should read this article, which appears in the bastion of liberal news, The New York Times. The piece is titled, “As Palestinians Clamor for Vaccine, Their Leaders Divert Doses to Favored Few.” From the article:


“…in secret, the [Palestinian] authority has diverted some of the thousands of vaccines it has received to some senior members of the ruling party in the West Bank who have no formal role in government, according to two senior Palestinian officials and a senior official from the party, Fatah, who all spoke on condition of anonymity.”

“Vaccines have also been secretly given to top figures at major news outlets run by the authority, according to one of the senior Palestinian officials and two employees at those outlets. Family members of certain government officials and Fatah leaders were also given the vaccines, the senior official and a former government official said.”


In my opinion, the “Palestinians” have no moral ground on which to make any claims for themselves about any issue. Their governments (yes, they have two governments: one in the West Bank and one in Gaza) are beyond corrupt. The “citizenry” is obsessed with the annihilation of a sovereign state that has existed for more than 70 years and is the only democracy in the Middle East.

Maybe those inclined will see this article as more reason to sympathize with “Palestinian” citizens. Well, they elected Hamas as the ruling “party” in Gaza. Hamas is a terrorist organization that has only one policy initiative: to annihilate Israel. (Yes, I know the Times article is about Fatah.)

I stand by my statement. The “Palestinians” have no moral ground to make any demands for themselves.


Taking deep breaths to calm down…

May is about eight weeks away. In late May of 2019 I began to unveil my Ultimate Garage 2.0. As I have mentioned before, I am considering an Ultimate Garage 3.0 to be revealed in May and/or June of this year.

Version 2.0 had 11 cars. My first Ultimate Garage, released on my first blog hosted by the Evil Empire, had seven. I am aiming for 10 cars for 3.0, but it will not be easy to limit my choices to ten.

Some have offered the opinion–and not in the form of a blog comment–that I should only include cars I’ve actually driven. I understand that view, but feel it’s too limiting. An Ultimate Garage is an exercise in fantasy, which by definition is not grounded in reality.

A car on the bubble for 3.0 is this one, a car that just missed the cut the first two times:


See the source image


From FastLaneCars a picture of a Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk, a 1962 model to be exact. The timeless design of this car is an homage to the original Loewy coupes, designed by Robert Bourke and Holden Koto.

In profile or rear three-quarter view, I still think the car looks stunning. While if somehow I had the means and the space to acquire one it would probably be restomodded, for an Ultimate Garage exercise I would include a stock car. Here is sort of a three-quarter view I took at the Mecum auction in Arizona almost exactly one year ago. First, an aside: a very mixed bag also means getting started on being vaccinated against the damn virus, but not being completely vaccinated in time to attend either the Mecum or Barrett-Jackson auctions that will take place here later this month. Yes, that’s a shallow and selfish perspective; I’m only human and I LOVE attending car auctions.



Part of me almost feels obligated to include the Gran Turismo Hawk for 3.0, like I can’t leave the car out again. Those of you, like C/2, who were gracious enough to send me your own Ultimate Garage almost two years ago, can do so again. Of course, you can send me your Ultimate Garage even if you weren’t reading this blog two years ago. It’s amazing how writing about Ultimate Garage 3.0 and the GT Hawk succeeded in calming me down.








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10 thoughts on “A Very Mixed Bag

  1. I will get started on it although I may have to include some of my original garage. Good luck with your vaccine. We are still trying to obtain ours.


    1. Thanks, C/2. Feel free to include any car(s) you want.

      Thanks also for the good wishes, but I just wish I could arrange an appointment(s) for my wonderful wife. I have heard from former neighbors that the state in which you live (and in which I used to live) does not have “its act together” in terms of vaccine scheduling. I suspect it’s not really running smoothly anywhere.


  2. Your wonderful wife should go with you to your appointment at State Farm Stadium. Even without an appointment, it is highly likely they will vaccinate both of you at the same time. I have heard this from several friends that have received the vaccine there and/or have been volunteers at the stadium vaccination site.


  3. By all means, take your lovely wife with you to the vaccination appointment. Many times there are people who fail to make their appointment and that leaves unused doses that must be discarded because the open vials cannot be stored. Many vaccination sites will give the vaccination to an unscheduled person who accompanies someone scheduled in order to not have to discard a perfectly good dose. Our daughter has obtained appointments for my wife and I on April 1st. No comment on the date, as those would be inappropriate for the reason for the appointment.

    With regards to your comments on the Palestinians and their “leaders:” I agree completely with your comments and will add this. Hamas is a terrorist group, run by thugs and gangsters. They act like all thugs and gangsters, taking care of their own for their own political reasons. I could continue; however, you have insufficient comment space for my rant.

    I shall consider making a listing for my Ultimate Garage 1.0.


    1. Thanks, Philip. Feel free to offer your Ultimate Garage 1.0 anytime. Sincerely hope you and K Squared are right about my wonderful wife possibly being able to get vaccinated with me next week.


  4. Only 10 for the ultimate garage is gonna be tough. To use the current lingo; “I’ll have to circle back to you on that.”


  5. I would keep trying to secure an appointment for your wife, but indeed bring her along to State Farm Stadium. While we got our first shots on February 15, we had a short discussion with the volunteer who held us in the 15-minute “time out tent” while we waited for allergic effects to show.
    She noted they stopped the extra shots because they were not getting that many no-shows and they needed to be sure they had enough to meet their 2nd shot goals.

    Having said that, it never hurts to ask. Supplies have probably increased since last month.


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