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I am disappointed that so few readers clicked on the two stories whose links I shared at the beginning of yesterday’s post. Without clicking on the links and at least reading the titles and sub-heads, the first part of the post would not likely have made any sense.

Anyway…the point was that many people who oppose price controls also oppose getting vaccinated. I believe those two “views” are part of the same syndrome in which people have come to believe that no one can ever tell them what to do for any reason. Once again, in the context of a country or society absolute freedom is not freedom, it’s anarchy.

I disapprove of price controls (they always create negative distortions in markets), but think people should get vaccinated against the damn virus. (One story was about the disastrous failure of price controls in Berlin’s rental market and the other was about the success of COVID-19 vaccines in Britain.) I am adamant in my belief that what I call the bullsh*t binary political paradigm in the US is a detriment to us all. Think for yourself!


On a related note, something I read recently:


Idolizing a politician is like believing the stripper really likes you.


From Corvette Blogger including a picture:


2023 C8 May Get Interior Changes

Rumors are being reported that the current GM design chief Michael Simcoe is not a fan of the center console button layout on the C8. The central console puts a small wall between driver and passenger and fills the top of it with buttons for the AC and seat heat/vents. This design has gotten some bad feedback from customers, and Chevy is listening. The new layout may be introduced in 2023 according to reports.


Do any of you own a C8 Corvette? If so, we would like to read your thoughts about the interior.


Until 1937, this day (March 4th) was the day of the Presidential inauguration. Of course, that makes Franklin Delano Roosevelt the only President to be inaugurated on March 4th and on January 20th.

Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration had an infamous attendee: John Wilkes Booth. From On This Day a photo:


A photo of Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration in 1865, highlighting the location of his eventual assassin John Wilkes Booth as Lincoln makes his speech


Writing in his diary after observing Lincoln’s speech, Booth wrote “what an excellent chance I had, if I wished, to kill the President on Inauguration day!” Sadly, just 41 days later, Booth assassinated Lincoln.

I am reluctant to write this, but in this extremely polarized country I am surprised more assassination attempts have not occurred. Many of the mass murders seem to be workplace-related.







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8 thoughts on “Threadless Thursday

  1. Price control is a slippery slope, that gathers momentum as it rolls downhill. I know many who wish it was in effect for medications they need, my family included. But if you accept it for medications, why not for other essentials (food, water, etc)? I’m fortunate that I”m not taking medication. Yet. I’m sure that in very few more years I’ll have to. Even tho I have some issues (highish blood pressure, COPD, about 20 lbs overweight), I can still pass a DOT medical exam without medications. The medical card is required because I tow a dual axle trailer. Even though it’s not for commercial use, you have to follow all DOT regulations once you’re 100 miles away from home. Those regulations require a DOT medical card or you can be stopped from your trip if you don’t have one.But I digress, back to price control.

    I’m not a fan of either maximum or minimum price. Let the market determine the worth. If an item, be it medication, steaks, cars or wood chips, is too high many won’t buy it. The company making/selling that item then has to decide, lower the price to sell more, or leave it where it is and live with lower sales.

    If/when i go to a “fixed” income, perhaps my view will change.


  2. Like it or not there are price controls on medications already, as the Federal government says what it will allow for medications for those of us on Medicare and thus drives the prices of all drugs. Except for brand name drugs, then you pay whatever the manufacturer sets the price at.


    1. J.J. Watt was a great player, whether or not he still is remains to be seen. The NFC West is a tough division although it will be less tough if the Seahawks actually trade Russell Wilson.

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  3. I recall reading some comments when the C7 arrived, about how that interior layout sort of separate the driver. It wasn’t a major complaint just a few comments. But I can see how the C8 design might get more complaints. I’d think it would feel like the driver is isolated from the passenger. That said I’m not sure there’s many options when it comes to managing space with all the various controls and screens to be crammed in.


    1. Thanks, Mark. The C8 interior is, apparently, one of those things that is either “loved” or “hated.” I have only been in a C8 once for about a minute, not long enough to form an impression.

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