A Or B, Self-Indulgent Edition

It’s been some time since I wrote an A Or B post. Today I will ask you to formally choose between two idiosyncratic favorites of mine, two General Motors products that had promise, but were either out of sync with the market or poorly executed at first or both. Alphabetically by make:


See the source image

See the source image


The top photo of a Buick Reatta is from streetpeep.com and the bottom photo of a Cadillac Allanté is from Barrett-Jackson. Both cars were offered from the late 1980s through the early 1990s. Combined in a total of eleven model years—seven for the Allanté and four for the Reatta–only about 43,000 of these were sold. Coincidentally, sales for the two cars were very similar: 21,751 for the Reatta and 21,430 for the Allanté.

As every regular regular reader knows, I am quite enamored with the looks of these cars. The Reatta was never a performance car and only in its final year of production, 1993, was the Allanté a solid performer.

OK, kind people: Buick Reatta or Cadillac Allanté?







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Here are the dimensions (in inches) for the last production year of each car:


CAR Wheelbase Length Width Height
Buick Reatta (1991) 99 184 73 51
Cadillac Allanté (1993) 99 179 74 52




19 thoughts on “A Or B, Self-Indulgent Edition

  1. Have to go with the Cadillac. They look so similar and I question if like the Cad better because it’s a crisper, cleaner photo. Or a crisper car?


  2. Cadillac for me. The Reatta always looked a little too chopped lengthwise. I haven’t looked at specs to see how they differ in dimensions, it’s probably the Caddy’s lines look longer to me.


  3. Pretty certain I would purchase neither, all show/no go. However if someone were to offer my choice for free, Reatta. Looks just “funky” enough to be a bit more interesting.


    1. Thanks, DDM. Actually, the ’93 Allanté was a decent performer with its 295 HP/290 LB-FT engine. It could post a 0-60 time of 6.8-7.0 seconds, which is not bad even by today’s standards.

      The vote is now 3-1 in favor of the Cadillac Allanté.


  4. I always liked the look of the 91 Reatta Convertible..just a short version of the Riviera. It checks ✔ the box for me.


    1. Thanks, C/2. I will count that vote for the Reatta, so it’s now 3-2 Allanté. In all honesty, though, I like the coupe better than the convertible, which is why I showed the coupe. Different strokes for different folks…


  5. Allanté gets my vote. A friend of mine nearly brought one home from Barrett-Jackson, it went for just over his “drop out” price. It was a sweet car, and he was disappointed, but he stuck to his plan and knew when enough is enough.


    1. Thanks, JS. 5-2 for the Allanté.

      As I have recounted before, I had a similar experience with an Allanté at a Barrett-Jackson auction in 2017. One was offered for sale and the bidding began slowly. I was hoping to swoop in and buy the car for no more than $5,500, all in. Just as I was about to raise my hand, the bidding picked up and eventually the car sold for $8,250, all in. If I had purchased the Allanté, selling my Z4 would have more than paid for it, even at $8,250.

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