Pain In The Neck

I have been awake since 2 AM local time. I had a horrendous neck/head spasm/ache. This is similar to the pain I get every 10 to 14 days except this was my entire neck and not just the left side.

Four ibuprofen, two acetaminophen and an hour of heat later I feel much better, but then again, I should. Of course, pain in the neck could be seen as a metaphor for life, my life. (Sometimes when people describe something as a pain in the neck I will add, “Are you sure you don’t have a lower opinion?”)

I am composing this post using Microsoft Edge as the browser since WordPress has been unable to fix the issues with Firefox. While we are supposed to (finally) take delivery of our new refrigerator today, we have been without a “real” fridge for over a month. My throat is still raw from a horrible reflux episode late Tuesday night.

I am just tired of obstacles, of “death by a thousand paper cuts,” although reflux is no paper cut I can assure you. I really don’t want to hear that I am being given no more than I can handle; I just don’t believe any of that.


This CNBC article reports, once again, on the real world efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine in Israel. The title of the piece tells you all you need to know, “Israeli study finds 94% drop in symptomatic Covid-19 cases with Pfizer vaccine.”

Why so many people have become allergic to facts and so drawn to conspiracy theory lies is beyond me. I weep for the future.


By the way, while the word count now updates in real time in Edge, the toolbar still does not stay on the page as the post lengthens. C’mon, WordPress! What’s up with that?!





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7 thoughts on “Pain In The Neck

  1. Sorry for your pain in the neck. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

    I can imagine that new refrigerator will be quite welcome after going so long with only a beverage fridge to get by.

    I used to think that conspiracy theories and the like were caused by a lack of information. The Internet has proven me wrong.


    1. Thanks, JS. This neck pain is chronic, like most of my health issues. After a while, they take a toll on one’s mental health. I have arthritis in my neck and a whole bunch of “healed” chip fractures.

      Freedom of speech doesn’t mean anyone else has to listen. Anyone can create an Internet account and spew lies; people need more education and discipline to separate the wheat from the chaff and use the wheat.

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  2. I will do my part about your health issues. I’d run through my laundry list of maladies; but you don’t need that. I saw a meme today about your aged body maladies being like a “check engine light.” Well at times my “check engine light” is flashing wildly.

    I know about your thoughts on God; but I will offer this with respect to the world’s lack of critical thinking. I tell the grand children: God gave you a brain and He expects you to use it.


      1. Entropy is real as I have studied it and used it many more times being a Mechanical Engineer educated in thermodynamics. Some people generate more entropy than they are worth.


  3. As I age, the days that I don’t have some nagging pain are vastly outnumbered by the days that I do. They are almost a reason for dancing, except then I would likely injure my oft broken ankles and blown out knees. Too many incidents, (motorcycle wrecks, cars wrecks, work incidents, etc) are now taking an annoying center stage in my daily existence. Most days when I drag my battered carcass out of bed, the “snap, crackle and pop” put a bowl of rice krispies to shame. These days I have no real need for a weather report, the arthritis is a good indicator of upcoming weather change.

    But, I look at each day I cheat the buzzards out of a meal as a victory, given all the wrecks and accidents I have had in my lifetime.I may not be in the best of shape, but I have outlived many of the folks I have known over the years.


    1. Thanks for sharing, DDM. I think ours is the most common progression.

      I have horrific bunions thanks to heredity. I have constant pain in my shoulders after surgery to repair exercise-induced damage. No good deed goes unpunished.

      I have arthritis in many joints and GERD from a hiatal hernia thanks to “faulty construction.” No real choice but to carry on as best as we can.


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