Dancing With The Devil

Your mileage may vary…I use Mozilla Firefox as my Internet browser and have for more than three years. I like that it’s not part of the Evil Empire and that it protects me from Fack Fucebook cookies. However, Firefox and WordPress–the platform that hosts my blog and thousands of others–do not get along.

Since the most recent Firefox update composing blog posts has become difficult; I’ll spare you the details. This is hardly the first time that some Firefox-related issue has occurred. Also, it seems that only Firefox has these problems and not other browsers.

When I have brought these issues to the attention of WordPress, I often receive advice to switch Internet browsers. Yes, I reply by telling them that I will not use the Evil Empire browser. I also realize that I could use one browser for writing my posts and Firefox for everything else. Still, that violates one of the axioms by which I live: KISS and I don’t mean the rock band.

Does anyone have any advice? I really don’t want to dance with the devil.


On this day in 1952 Studebaker staged an event commemorating its first 100 years by having company president Harold Vance drive off the assembly line in a Commander Starliner coupe, which was designated as the last vehicle of Studebaker’s first century. From 365 Days of Motoring, a small (and unsecured) picture of the event.



The picture to the right is of the first vehicle of Studebaker’s second century as a vehicle manufacturer, which, of course, only lasted 14 years.

For the nth plus nth time, I will offer my lament that makes like Studebaker no longer exist. Fewer companies in existence mean fewer sources of innovation in styling and in engineering. A future of only electric vehicles is not a future that interests me in the least. My “consolation” is that I won’t be around to actually see it.


As I write this, the mid-section of the United States is experiencing historically cold weather. Right now, it is 7° in our former stomping grounds of Plano, Texas with snow. Wind chills could reach -20°. A week ago, Plano’s high temperature was 64°.

On this day in 1895 downtown New Orleans received its largest recorded snowfall: 8.2 inches. Galveston, Texas received about 15 inches of snow just five and a half years before the devastating hurricane that changed the course of its history.

As someone who used to live in Texas–as noted above–I was always amazed at the wild swings in the weather. I remember one December when the high temperature changed from the low 80s one day to the high 30s the next. Of course, it is the convergence of vastly different air masses that plays a large role in much of Texas being in Tornado Alley. In all honesty, it was the threat of tornadoes–and the death of three people in a tornado just 10 miles from our house–that played a role in our moving to the mid-Atlantic.







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7 thoughts on “Dancing With The Devil

  1. Texas is most certainly a unique place to live. My lovely wife and I lived there for a year on two separate occasions while I was in the Air Force. The first year of our marriage and the third year of our marriage was spent living in Austin, TX while stationed at the then Bergstrom AFB. Never experienced a tornado; however, we did experience a couple of ice storms. I survived a trip to work on my motorcycle the morning after an ice storm. Interesting to say the least.

    My brother lives in East Dallas almost to Garland near the lake. I have been receiving texts of pictures of the current snowstorm. The dogs get walked but no bike riding for the avid cyclist. He and his girlfriend and cycling friends are coming for the El Tour de Tucson bicycle race in November.

    I too use Firefox for my browser. The Microsoft browsers are clugey disasters for software. That thing called a browser from The Evil Empire shall never be used by me or any computer over which I have control. The school district my grand daughters attend has provided Chrome laptops from Google to do their remote “learning” during this pandemic. I shall refrain from commenting on the insidious nature of that company.


    1. Thanks, Philip. If you hadn’t noticed, it’s OK to rant about the Evil Empire here. 🙂

      I haven’t (knowingly) used any Google product for more than three years, but still have to delete their cookies from my computer every week. Can you say criminal act?! At least Firefox has the Facebook container to keep their cookies away, but no such add-in exists for Google.

      Believe it or not, Microsoft’s new browser (Edge) is highly-rated by software reviewers. However, it uses the same core (Chromium) as Chrome and Microsoft, while not in the same criminal arena as Facebook and Google, is hardly a paragon of innocence, either.


  2. I, too, use Firefox as my GoTo browser, and it is what I write my posts with. I am having some issues with the new block editor for which I’ve found a “fix” (more appropriate, “workaround”) to deal with my specific issue.

    Rather than clutter up your comments section here, please drop me an email and let me know what kind of issue you’re having. If it’s the same one I deal with, I can provide a workaround for you.


      1. I hear you much. Unfortunately, eliminating the original editor is on their agenda. I’ve been using the Classic block in the block editor which simulates quite nicely the action of the classic editor. I’ve been using it for weeks, and until the recent issue came up, I have been satisfied with the block editor’s classic block.


      2. If the Classic editor goes, then so will I.

        I tried Classic block in the Block editor, but it still ignores all but one hard return between paragraphs. Sorry, it’s NOT easier to insert a blank block for spacing than it is to hit the return key.

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  3. It’s not very helpful, but I don’t think I am experiencing any issues with WordPress and Firefox. It likely makes no difference but I use…Wordpress through Firefox on an iMac running the Mojave OS and the WordPress app on an iPhone 7+ running iOS 14.4

    I find the return key does give me space after my paragraphs without having to use an extra blank. But, I do use the block editor, that may be the difference. I probably didn’t use the classic editor enough to have a real preference over the block editor. Then again, I’ve been using things like Photoshop since 1996, so having to adapt to new interfaces is a regular thing.

    I suppose you could try a browser like Opera and experiment to see if the issues you have in Firefox persist. That could at least determine if it leans more toward the browser or the classic editor. That or it may be time to seek another new platform for blogging.

    Sorry I’m not more help.


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