Ferrari Sunday

As I may have mentioned, we do not live far from a dealership that sells just about every luxury make in the world. I believe the dealership is owned by Roger Penske, but his name is only on the marquee sign and none of the specific make “stores” are named for him. It’s Scottsdale Lamborghini and not Penske Lamborghini. However, the Penske Racing Museum is on site. This collection of dealerships is where my wonderful wife and I test-drove a Maserati Gran Turismo coupe.

My wonderful wife spent much of yesterday with her parents dealing with important family matters so I was left to my own devices. As I hadn’t driven the Z06 in quite awhile I decided to head down to the luxury dealership complex although, I must admit, I didn’t exactly take the most direct route. I almost forget, almost, how much fun it is to drive my car.

Two cars really caught my eye yesterday. Here are some pictures:




The top three photos are a Ferrari Portofino and the bottom three are a Ferrari Roma. The Portofino was part of Ultimate Garage 2.0. Even though the Roma bears a strong resemblance to another 2.0 car, the Jaguar F-Type coupe, I’m not sure I don’t prefer its looks to the Portofino, although that Portofino looked very sharp to me with the black roof over the silver body and the yellow brake calipers.

Between the drive and the trip to the luxury dealerships, it was not a bad way to spend 90 minutes.








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4 thoughts on “Ferrari Sunday

  1. They are beautiful cars. I’ve driven by that dealership on occasional trips to Scottsdale. I haven’t yet stopped, though there is no chance of me being persuaded to make a purchase there. They would laugh at my bank account. >grin<

    Our favorite Mexican restaurant is not far from there. Make a note to stop at Frank and Lupe's when eating in a restaurant becomes safe again. They also have a nice back patio to enjoy the fresh air.


  2. Until a winning lottery ticket finds its way into my hands, I’ll have to be satisfied with my Ferrari hat and Jean Alesi Ferrari shirt that was gifted to me while in Italy in the mid 90’s. They were gifted to me by a lady who owned a small company that my employer was considering buying supplies from. She, like many Italians, loved everything Ferrari. I had noticed a photograph in her office showing the previous year F-1 car driven by Alesi with a sticker from her company on it (the sticker appeared to be about the size of my hand). When she found out I liked F-1 racing, she dug out a the shirt and hat from her storeroom. In conversation over dinner a couple nights later, I found out she was a fan of Steven King. After I got home, I sent her some King items I had that would be impossible to obtain in Italy, to “even up” the gift exchange.

    I still have the shirt, even tho It doesn’t actually fit 25 years later, and the hat, both worn only a few times over the years. And both were actually made in Italy, according to the information on the tags.


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