1,000 Miles In Arizona

No, I did not watch the Super Bowl. Apparently I didn’t miss a competitive game, either.

My wonderful wife and I watched the Super Pol. That was how Nat Geo Wild promoted its marathon of episodes of The Incredible Dr. Pol. In the last 2-3 weeks we have watched quite a few episodes of this show about a long-time veterinarian and his practice in rural Michigan. The show has been airing since 2011.

Although it has too many “have to help a cow give birth” scenes for me, and it is certainly not for the squeamish, the show is entertaining and informative. As I have written before (my favorite phrase to write, I guess), for me learning is the best entertainment. I sure know what milk fever is now. (A calcium imbalance in female cows that have recently given birth.)


My wonderful wife and I picked up our cars the day after we moved into our house, which is 13 weeks ago. In that time, I have driven my Z06 just over 1,000 miles. Yes, today’s post title is that prosaic.

Of course, that pace would mean 4,000 miles a year of driving. Before we moved, I drove the Z06 2,500-3,000 miles a year. It’s more fun to drive here than in the mid-Atlantic and until we can dine indoors again, we have to usually drive some distance to get food in a drive-thru. (Why don’t we eat at home? Keep reading.) How much the acquisition of the ATS will affect our Corvette mileage is difficult to know exactly, except that it will almost certainly reduce it, at least a little bit. Here are our Arizona Corvettes:



“It is only when machines fail that they remind us how powerful they are.”

I’m not sure who actually said that first, although the late Australian writer Clive James is often credited. It is certainly true, however, no matter who said it first. My wonderful wife and I have been without a refrigerator for about a month, not counting the little one in the bonus/media room upstairs.

The refrigerator that “came” with our Arizona house has given up the ghost and not in the way one might think. Items in the refrigerator are freezing. An entire gallon of milk froze seemingly overnight. Orange juice, iced coffee, protein shakes, no matter what was in there, it froze. (The freezer is still working, though.)

So, why didn’t we just order a new one? We did, almost three weeks ago. The damn virus has severely disrupted the supply chain for many appliances, including refrigerators. We are still a minimum of 10 days away from the delivery of our new fridge.

Needless to say, we have really come to appreciate a working refrigerator. We had trouble with our Korean-made refrigerator (company name rhymes with Ram Dung) before we moved. We had to replace it after just four years.

If we had a spot for it, I would be tempted to order another refrigerator as a backup. We would have really been SOL without our little bonus room fridge.








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7 thoughts on “1,000 Miles In Arizona

  1. Part of your increased mileage is probably due to the increased distances in Arizona to get somewhere. We are a big state geographically.

    Some of my wife’s favorite shows are the animal shows and the animal doctor shows. Also, surprisingly, is the reruns of “Dirty Jobs.” He also dealt with the jobs involving animals.

    Our lives would be a whole lot more tedious with fewer machines, or even different machines. Since we are emergency preppers, we have a refrigerator with a freezer and then, not one, but two freezers in our oversized pantry. We also both enjoy cooking and teaching the grand children how to cook and prepare food, so the pantry is well stocked. We do eat out when neither of us wants to cook. Last night’s dinner was Texas chili for me and egg foo young for my wonderful wife, with both dishes prepared by us.

    We watched The Puppy Bowl instead of the Super Bowl. The parts of the Puppy Bowl with Martha Stewart and her new collaboration partner, Snoop Dog, were totally ignored by us.


    1. Thanks, Philip. Yes, Arizona is large (the sixth largest state by area), but we are not making cross-state drives, at least not yet. Given our location, we are simply not that close to too many drive-thru eateries.

      The collaboration of the convicted felon and Snoop Doggy Doo makes me ill. It is a sign that the apocalypse is already here.


  2. We ran into the same delivery problem when our refrigerator failed in October of last year. Fortunately, our replacement was delivered in only about 10 days. It actually showed up at the place we bought it on a Tuesday, but the earliest we could get it delivered was the following Saturday. That irritated me, but they were busy with deliveries. Apparently, the pandemic hasn’t slowed down their sales, and probably people are comfortable with having appliances delivered.

    We did watch the Superbowl, at least until the outcome became apparent.


    1. Thanks, JS. It’s not as if most people are in a position to pick up a refrigerator at their appliance store of choice and then take it home to install it, never mind the issue of getting rid of the old one.

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      1. I have several pictures of people who chose not to pay the delivery fee for an appliance and chose to take it home themselves. Those pictures all reside in the “Safety Issues” file. Like the “dude” with the refrigerator strapped to the appliance dolly with him sitting in the sedan’s open trunk holding the handles of the appliance dolly. The definition of “dude” in this case is Dud with an E on the end.


  3. We had our fridge go down over the summer (while I was still at my family home). Can’t complain too much, the fridge was the one left by the previous owners, and my parents moved in 9 years ago. Thankfully they also had a full sized fridge and an upright freezer in the basement.
    Of course the convenience of multiple fridges/freezers means you get used to having stuff on hand. Now that I’m living with my girlfriend and we have what is now something of an old fashioned fridge (smallish, freezer on top), I find I have to adjust my shopping habits and consider storage space. Less ‘stocking up’ and more frequent trips.


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