A Real A Or B

OK, two pics first…



That white smudge is Venus. Not sure why the pic is so blurry; it looks fine on my phone. Must be a resolution thing. Any help, photobyjohnbo? Ironically, I named the photo “A Better Picture Of Venus” before I saw it here. No rest for the “wicked,” I guess.



That is my wonderful wife holding up my newest acquisition. While Guck Foogle T-Shirts are plentiful, I had to have this made. I will wear it as often as possible and when it wears out, I will buy one or two more. Fack Fucebook!


OK, today’s A Or B is not a theoretical exercise. Tangent…looking out my office window can be quite the distraction. I can’t get a good picture because of the window screen and schmutz (“dirt” in Yiddish), but my eyes and brain are having quite the feast at present with the bands of orange, the cactus and the distant mountain peaks. Just since I began writing this tangent, the sky has developed a large orange-pink feature. (Sorry, I am partially color-blind and terrible at assigning the “right” name to many colors.) It’s still 10-15 minutes before “sunrise.”

Anyway, back to the cars…as every regular reader of this blog knows, my wonderful wife and I are on the verge of buying a car, I think. While we will make the final decision, of course, I would like to get your choice and read your thoughts about these two cars:


See the source image


The photo comparison is not apples to apples because the picture of the Lexus RC is of “studio quality” and the picture of the Cadillac ATS coupe is not.

OK, what do you want to know? For this exercise price does matter and assume the Lexus is $5,000 more expensive, let’s say $30,000 compared to $25,000 for the Cadillac. Assume the turbocharged 4-cylinder engine for each car.

The rear seats in the Cadillac are larger, but the trunk space is virtually the same. I have no “data” on how the RC drives because we haven’t driven one, yet.

If you want more info before casting your vote, please feel free to let me know. OK, Lexus RC or Cadillac ATS coupe? Thanks.








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8 thoughts on “A Real A Or B

  1. Looking at the back seat of the RC, I threw up because it made me claustrophobic. But…it does seem to be the better car, so hire an Uber when you have out of town guests and enjoy the Lexus!


    1. Thanks, Doc, but not sure that’s a vote. I’ll cautiously mark that as an endorsement for the Lexus. 1-0, RC.

      Yes, with fewer than 30 inches of rear legroom, the RC will probably not seat four comfortably.


  2. It seems that for most coupes, rear seat passengers are an afterthought. Most are sized where anyone past the age of 15 would have a difficult time getting in or out. I know I certainly have so intention of trying to stuff my, admittedly oversized, self into the backseat of most offered these days.

    I guess for me it would be the ATS. Why? Well, I like the fact it has more “squared off” lines, reminiscent of vehicles offered in the 60’s.


    1. You are correct, of course, in that rear seat room is not the highest priority in designing 2-door coupes. We still have to have a car with two doors that can seat four people in reasonable comfort.

      Vote is tied 1-1.


  3. I’m a little late but… I lean to the Cadillac. I realize the rear seat is not priority, but a little more room at a little lower cost seems like a good decision.
    And, to paraphrase the air cleaner decal that used to be on my Grand Prix, “Keep your GM garage all GM”.


    1. Thanks for breaking the tie, sir. It’s now 3-2 for the Cadillac ATS. Your thinking is similar to mine at present, at least as it concerns just those two cars.

      The rear seat does matter somewhat; if it didn’t, we wouldn’t need to buy another car. As for an all-GM garage, maybe I’m just an old fogy, but I think Mary Barra and the board are taking the company too far down the electric path too quickly. I think FCA could be positioned as the “rear guard” of the US auto market, catering to those who don’t want to go electric, at least not now.


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